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A fully featured hand drawn animation application for Android. Made by an animator, for animators. Powerful enough for professionals, simple enough for beginners. Everything you need to create traditional hand drawn frame-by-frame animation, anywhere you go!
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Released onOct 15, 2014
UpdatedMay 5, 2024
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RoughAnimator is a fully featured hand-drawn animation application for Android. Made by an animator, for animators. Powerful enough for professionals, and simple enough for beginners. Everything you need to create traditional hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation, anywhere you go!

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RoughAnimator apk

RoughAnimator APK is an Android app that allows you to create hand-drawn animations. Developed by animators and animators, this app allows users to create animated characters for videos. That’s all you need to animate each frame with a diverse and modern set of tools. Easy to use for beginners and powerful enough for pros. Filmmakers appreciate your image.

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Imaginative creative

Come to RoughAnimator and satisfy your passion for painting. A drawing box appears and can be resized. Then you can choose the brush type in the toolkit. The first step is to design the basic animations and poses of the character. It is a rough part of the character with simple lines. They try to work out more modern brushes to get the best shape. You can zoom in and out to see errors you didn’t notice right away. This is how they achieve the highest level of perfection. From there, it becomes much easier to attract viewers and reviews. If your product meets the standards, they may consider buying it again. As a hand-drawn application, basic drawing skills are required to create eye-catching and attractive shapes.

Edit layers with professional tools

Many professionals use RoughAnimator to create characters for their products. Used for pre-production. If you do this well, the scene will be better. Get inspired by everything and let your imagination run wild. A free animation class lets you use glow effects. Color blending modes enhance the visual appearance of your work. They are all free too. You can use multiple layers or use the 10 layers max mode for a more professional look. The app is also compatible with Samsung S-Pen and other pressure-sensitive devices. This greatly simplifies and simplifies the work. Users can browse and select the appropriate effect layer and apply it directly to the product.

RoughAnimator also lets you add music and sound effects to your videos. Audio tracks can be easily created, added, and edited. There are six audio tracks to choose from depending on your workflow needs. You can also use voice recording to add narration to your images. Audio files on your device also add personality to your character. For your creativity, this app also includes popular and handpicked sound packs. Once finished, you can import your RoughAnimator project into other photo apps. You can save it for precision and edit it again. It contains additional elements that enhance the appeal of editing.

Evaluate good features

Select and use RoughAnimator to immerse yourself in your love of painting. Professional and modern applications can be used to create quality products. Reach large audiences and content creators. You can win prizes by participating in our free challenge dialogues. The performance improvements allow the application to be used on the desktop as well. Thousands of people create content every day, and you are one of them. With your funny animations, you may become an influencer in the future.

What's new

- Can undo changing background color
- Bug fix: crashed on deleting a layer while the layer name textbox was focused



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