Router Chef MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 2.1.4

Router Chef MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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May 27, 2023
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Router Chef Mod APK is an application that helps you connect to your router and perform management operations. These measures can improve the use of WLAN in a more secure direction.

Router Chef MOD APK

Router Chef offers many useful features to control your router and the WiFi network you are using. You can connect to your router and customize some of her WiFi network information. At the same time, you can also manage your connection and adjust the WiFi speed limit according to your needs. Additionally, you need to know how many devices can connect to your WiFi network.

Manage your router and WIFI easily

Router Chef allows you to manage items related to your router and wireless network. Useful information is displayed through various functions. Helpful information cannot be ignored. At the same time, accessing these features requires all information about your router to set up access and retrieve information.

Connect to your router and set up management

The first task required when using Router Chef is accessing your router. This access is very quick. Just enter three pieces of information:
Enter your IP, username, and password, and wait a few seconds. Then go to the home screen with various functions. Each feature is accompanied by a short description to help users find the right feature.

Configure some Wi-Fi settings

The first feature of Router Chef is that it allows you to customize some elements related to the WiFi you are using. Important information such as name, visibility, and password are displayed. This allows you to change important information in advance when you find something suspicious while using WiFi. In addition, constantly changing passwords provides a continuous increase in security levels.

Learn About Wifi Transmission

Once you have information about WiFi, you may be interested in the line indicators provided by Router Chef. When the line indicator is fully displayed, you can see the status of your wireless network. Troubleshoot and repair transmissions if information continues to decline or change abnormally. Additionally, you can see how many devices are connected.

Devices using WIFI

In addition to router-related factors that affect the transmission, you should also consider the number of devices connected to your WiFi network. This is also one of the reasons why your home network suddenly becomes slow, and if you see more devices than you expect, your security level needs to be improved. You can set a higher security level by setting a WiFi password with multiple characters.

Simply reboot and change some items

If you suspect your router is not working properly, you should use the reboot feature to allow it to reboot after a few minutes. You can also click Reset Router if you want to restore all settings to their original state. This reset is not commonly used as it can wipe out all the settings you have made previously. So if you’re not tech savvy, don’t try this feature.

Limit WIFI network speed with one touch

One of the factors that affect your WiFi usage speed is the speed limit you use. This speed limit only has a few specific options.
WiFi performance and WiFi speed with options to add a specified number or unlimited. If you feel that your WiFi is very slow, you can check this by limiting the speed of your WiFi network. Each speed choice can have different implications for different uses.

Users can manage factors related to the router and wifi they are using:

  • The first action to set up management on the router and wifi network is to connect with the application by entering all the information.
  • Users can completely check the transmission, and set up security with some information related to wifi with just one touch.
  • The devices connected to the wifi can be easily displayed, and if the number exceeds the user’s expectation, they should reset the security.
  • Users can reboot the router anytime they want if it has problems and considers using a reset router because the settings may disappear.
  • In using wifi, users will undoubtedly consider setting the appropriate speed when using wifi with the choice of a specific number or unlimited.

What's new

Add the following features:
✨ Fix Mac filter issue in Vodafone ZTE router
✨ Performance Enhancements


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