Screen Mirroring & Sharing MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Best mirror screen on market. Now the screen sharing is instant and easy. Enjoy flawless screen mirroring features. Duplicate screen of your phone or tablet to any device on your WiFi network.
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Released onJun 21, 2017
UpdatedApr 5, 2024
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Premium Unlocked


The Screen Mirroring & Sharing Mod APK has a way to cast directly to your TV screen that anyone can do. Experience a variety of entertainment activities. Different devices have different application compatibility.

Screen Mirroring & Sharing MOD APK


Screen Mirroring & Sharing is an application that allows you to mirror the contents of your Android device to your TV screen. At the same time, the connection method should be simple and ensure various conditions. The application is also somewhat compatible with different browsers on the two types of devices used. There are also many impressive leisure opportunities.

Main Features

Stable quality with new control

In the new version of the application, the user can find compatibility with Android 11 devices, one of the new operating systems currently available. At the same time, some new controls and modes have been added to make working with the application seamless.

Easily share device activity on the big screen

If you want an immersive experience on your screen with the elements available on your device, you can use screen mirroring and sharing. Its functionality is simple, turning your TV into a second screen, with full content displayed depending on your controls. So if you have the flexibility to prepare your entertainment content, this is a feature that cannot be ignored.

A simple connection method that cannot be ignored

A factor to consider when using screen mirroring and sharing is the WiFi connection on your TV and mobile device. This process doesn’t take long and requires the app to be installed on your Android device. At the same time, the TV accesses the web provided by the developer and displays a QR code and appropriate instructions. Your piece should use the application to scan this code and unlock the screen in a few simple steps.

Requirements to be guaranteed by the user

The connection method is simple, but screen mirroring and sharing requirements must be met for the connection process to be stable. You’ll be connecting your TV and your device to the same WiFi network, but that’s not a new requirement for screen sharing on the big screen. At the same time, your device must have at least OS 5.0 to use the application and take full advantage of its elements.

Enjoy customizable entertainment

Once connected to Screen Mirroring & Sharing, it’s your job to enjoy what you love. It can be said that you can view many elements of your TV, such as movies and photos, as well as play any game you want. At the same time, the device becomes remote and the TV only plays content from the device so that control operations can finally be determined. It also means that additional audio elements should be prepared to ensure the experience.

Browser compatibility on two device types

As a point to note when experiencing the app, there is browser support for TV and Android devices. As for smart TVs, some browsers are not compatible with what the application can offer. Therefore, you may have connection problems and find other suitable transmitters. The application is also compatible with the basic browsers of Android devices such as Google Chrome, Samsung MU, etc.

Broadcasting content to the TV screen brings many notable points to users:

  • You will need to secure the connection steps to perform the playback of different types of content on the TV screen.
  • The connection operation is straightforward, and any user can understand how it works and apply it.
  • Depending on the characteristics of the browsers on the two devices, the application will have different levels of compatibility.
  • The TV screen will only receive and play content from your Android device, so you need to pay attention to other factors such as sound.
  • In the new version of the app, you also find more modes you can use and new controls while playing the screen.

What's new

- Android 11 Support
- Fix for Tethering mode
- New pro features: Orientation Mode, Manual Connection Mode, Auto Stop
- New feature: toggle screen visibility by pressing key 'b' on the keyboard of your target device
- Improvements and bugfixes
Please note: If you face any problems or discover bugs, please send an email to [email protected]. If you like Screen Mirror, we would appreciate it if you rate it in the Play Store. Thanks!


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