Secure VPN-Safer Internet MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

Secure VPN is a lightning-fast app provide free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.
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DeveloperSignal Lab
Released onMar 16, 2018
UpdatedJul 16, 2024
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◉ VIP Plan activated
◉ Tested All VIP server works fine
◉ Architecture : ARM64 + ARM7
◉ Removed unnecessary files
◉ Removed crashlytics, analytics
◉ Dex encrypted & optimized
◉ Ultra Zip aligned


Secure VPN MOD APK is a lightning-fast app that provides a free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.

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Secure VPN – Safer Internet is a tool that keeps you safe from online dangers and helps you browse the internet without any problems. With this app, you can connect and use it really fast without having to set it up on your computer. It will help you to safely access special links and websites without anyone being able to detect you. When you use public Wi-Fi, you might feel a bit safer.


This app is used by people in many countries and continents like the United States, Europe, and Asia to help lots of people with different needs. This app is useful for people from other countries who want to live or study in another country but don’t know how to use the Internet there. It can help you overcome obstacles to give your users the best Internet quality without needing permission from anyone.


This app is like a private internet connection. It will connect your device to Wi-Fi wherever you are. It can be used in public places or with a Wi-Fi service you don’t trust. It can be used in places where a lot of people are or with a Wi-Fi service that you think might not be safe. It lets people send and get lots of information and work in different places like they are the only person who knows the Wi-Fi password for each place. The app will give you lots of helpful and interesting features that keep you safe and protect your privacy.


Some interesting websites or links may not allow many visitors for different reasons. Secure VPN is the right app for you if you want to access websites to find the information you need. It will help you access other websites without following their rules or security measures. This app is good for countries with location limits. People can keep their identities and IP addresses safe. No one else knows who you are or where you live.


This app has different special features and activities to keep users’ information private. The app cannot promise that your connection or access will be totally anonymous because someone else might be in control of it. We promise to keep users safe and protect their privacy and security. We let you access and get transactions from far away using different ways to keep customer information safe and limit how much is shown to other people.


People will be happy with the good quality and services they receive. The app found many servers close to you so that you can have a good Internet connection. Additionally, people can use the app’s many features without being limited by time or location.

Don’t wait any longer to download Secure VPN to your device. It will bring you great things. If you are studying or working in another country, you should consider using this app because it can help you find a server or connect to the Internet easily. Certainly, some providers are very secure and you might not be able to access them or your data will be safe.

What's new

- More servers added
- Improved performance and stability of VPN connection
- Enjoy the lightning fast, free VPN!


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