Shadowblood MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Shadowblood MOD APK is an action role-playing game that offers players an immersive MMORPG experience in a vast fantasy world filled with challenges, battles, and rewards.
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DeveloperUTPlus Interactive Inc.
Released onMar 22, 2020
UpdatedApr 15, 2024
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Mod Info

1. MOD Menu
2. One Hit Kill

– Kill Enemies with 1 Hit
3. Godmode
– Take No Damage
4. Unlimited Skills
– No Skill CD
5. Move Speed Multiplier
– x10 Slider. Increase Player Move Speed
6. Attack Speed Multiplier
– x10 Slider. Increase Player Attack Speed


Shadowblood MOD APK is an action role-playing game that offers players an immersive MMORPG experience in a vast fantasy world filled with challenges, battles, and rewards. With its impressive graphics and dynamic gameplay, players will find themselves hooked in no time. The game is constantly evolving, providing new content and progression to ensure that players can enjoy the game’s bustling atmosphere and chaotic multiplayer PvP battles.

Shadowblood Mod Apk

Lively and Magnificent Action-Packed Gameplay

The game’s action-packed sequences are truly impressive, with authentic 3D graphics that give players a realistic experience. Players will find themselves battling in a massive fantasy world filled with cruelty and violence. They must fight to survive or earn glorious rewards for their efforts. The game will keep expanding in content, introducing new bosses, enemies, and adversaries for players to fight daily and earn more experience points to level up.

Different Characters to Alter Your Playstyles

Players can choose between six unique heroes, each with a distinct progression and utilization of equipment and skills to give them the most vivid experience. Players can switch between characters anytime, feel their vibes, and go with anything comfortable. Each character also has their path of upgrade, and players can nurture them, evolve, and reach new possibilities with the endless carnage and battles they unfold on numerous battlefields.

Various Content to Play or Fight Against

The game’s real-time combat adapts to players’ playstyle and is packed with various features. Players can take part in and emerge victorious from grueling, real-time, one-on-one battles within exciting online activities and earn ranks. Players can also prevail over the raid bosses if they put in the necessary preparation and work together, and hoard all the loot with their trusted friends. Moreover, players can profit from various advantages as their elite parties achieve victory in battle and engage in more exotic battlefields with no stopping point in their endless crusade.

Choose Your Desired Equipment and Skills

Players can amass more than 3,000 pieces of armor and Soul stones to use in combat, allowing them to conquer legendary adversaries. The different equipment will have great performance and assistance for players in keeping up with the fight. Additionally, the game’s skill system is complex and can be divided into numerous categories for players to choose whatever suits them most. Players can pick numerous skills at once before engaging in combat and swap out the skill sets to utilize them everywhere.

Immersive Storyline with Captivating Narration

In Shadowblood, players must get rid of the local dragon Arcand, who has been corrupted, and save Narr. They must transform to become the legendary hero known as the Shadowblood to bring peace back to the realm. The game’s storyline is well-interwoven with the gameplay, leading players to different lands and teaching them about the fascination of the massive fantasy world. Additionally, players can alter their stories and decisions, decide new outcomes for every scenario, and bear their consequences.

More about the Gameplay

Shadowblood is a game that has no limits when it comes to action and adventure. It is filled with pace, amazing talents, and complex, gorgeously drawn graphics. The game has been designed to give players the most authentic MMORPG experience as they travel in the massive fantasy world and meet new species and challenges to hone their battle skills.

The game offers a variety of quests, challenges, and dungeons that players can engage in to level up their characters and progress through the game’s storyline. Additionally, players can take part in various modes, such as PvP battles, guild wars, and more, to compete against other players and climb the ranks. The game’s multiplayer mode is particularly engaging, with real-time battles that test players’ skills and strategy.

What's new

Minor bugs fixed.



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