Shimu Icon Pack APK (Patched/Full)

Beautiful square icons in a frame are made in the color palette of old newspapers, the colors are not bright and do not irritate the eyes.
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Released onAug 29, 2015
UpdatedJul 08, 2024
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Shimu Icon Pack is an application that modifies various styles so that users can create their own app icons on their mobile phones.

Shimu icon pack APK


Shimu Icon Pack helps the user to change the familiar icon he image that causes boredom while using the phone. This application responds to the changing needs of users and creates a certain convenience through the visual layout created for the application his icons, creating different styles for different users. If you want to change your phone screen to your style, just install the app and experience what it offers.

Perfect change

App usage happens regularly when you need a refresher on your phone. App icon images make it easy to find the apps you need and make them easily recognizable and accessible. Suppose you’re stuck with boring images, uneven layouts, and inconsistent colors across different applications. In this case, Shimu Icon Pack is the application you are looking for. Create color consistency and redesign the layout of applications placed on the phone screen. This is a necessary change. This allows for comfortable use and the creation of screens unlike any before, creating a unique material.

Simplicity brings application

Unlike regular icon image changer applications, Shimu Icon Pack only focuses on simplifying and facilitating the user’s usage process. Changes have been made to make the application more minimalist, with a clearer layout, colors that are consistent but not too flashy, and easier to use. The application offers a fuss-free home screen without flashy or over-the-top color themes, transcending all the unnecessary clutter inherent in icon images.

Various topics

An application that focuses on minimalism does not cause monotony and lack of user choice. The application offers plenty of opportunities to freely modify and create your own content while still keeping the simple elements of the application theme intact. This application provides users with many great utilities. In addition to having a variety of themes to choose from, download the application now and experience the great features it brings.


  • Fix the limitations and omissions of the common app theme during use.
  • Simplification creates minimalism in the layout as well as the application theme image.
  • There are many different options, but still, they bring inherent simplicity.
  • There are many more features and customizations that users can explore.
  • The app integrates perfectly with many existing apps so that they can be appropriately themed.

What's new

- Added 10 new icons
- Activities fixes


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