Slutty Journey MOD APK (God Mode, Critchance, Damage)

Slutty Journey is a turn-based fighting game in which you will form a team of young girls with solid attack power and beauty that attracts everyone.
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UpdatedMay 1, 2024
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Mod Info

  • God Mode
  • Higher Critchance
  • Crit DMG x2,5

Note: Use Bypass APK for the tutorial


Slutty Journey MOD APK is a turn-based fighting game in which you will form a team of young girls with solid attack power and beauty that attracts everyone. You will use their skills at the right time and attack the enemies that appear. In addition, the number of characters will increase over time through the summoning mechanism, and their strength and intimacy will also increase.

slutty journey mod apk


Story begins when Sun Wukong and the other young girls in Slutty Journey cause chaos in many places, especially in Heaven and the human world. From there, things got worse so the sky gods banished these characters to a place called the Lost Frontier, where there were only young girls. Their strength here is decreasing day by day without a proper energy supply, but one day, a man appears.

In Lost Border, Sun Wukong is still fighting God’s harsh policies when she and her teammates returned to the ‘ Old World. , but it’s not easy. So when a guy shows up, it’s the key for him to regain his strength. The strength that came from their love eventually helped them overcome various challenges to reach the gate of the human world. Of course, the soldiers in the sky will stop you.


In Slutty Journey, players will have for themselves a team of 5 characters with 4 characters of your team and a character of the other players. You will participate in the levels of different chapters and of course, you will be forced to defeat the opponents that appear with the skills that you have. At the same time, each character has an impressive skill that you can use to deal large amounts of damage to enemies.

The game’s gameplay focuses on turn-based and automatic battles. dynamic. Therefore, your job is simple: wait for the character portrait to light up to use their respective skills. At the same time, their strength will increase and they will have to face many difficult levels. Each chapter has many levels of difficulty and different levels that you must overcome with two main difficulty levels being Normal and Hard.


When you’re into turn-based battles in Slutty Journey, strength is the deciding factor and there are plenty of mechanics that allow you to power them up. You can upgrade them over time or increase the number of stars they receive through Evolution from the shards you earn from summoning and leveling up. In addition, you will be able to obtain beautiful maidens through summoning banners and of course, you can also develop relationships with them.

You can experience battles Fight these characters and learn more about them. In particular, you can also use gifts to entice these characters to increase the level of intimacy. When everything ends, the secrets of each character will be revealed before your eyes.

The journey to escape from Lost Border ultimately impresses players because:

  • Players will meet beautiful Maidens in the Lost Border and help them regain their strength and return to the human world.
  • You will have easy access to the mechanics of the battles and use the characters’ skills when they are ready.
  • Each character has its unique characteristic that you can use materials to increase their strength and potential.
  • The character banners will attract players, and for sure, any player will feel thrilled and excited when making summons.
  • You can interact and give gifts to the maidens to make them fall in love and unlock hidden stories.


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