Smart Driver: Radar Detector MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
Smart Driver is an indispensable app for drivers that combines video recorder and warnings about road hazards (speed cameras, fixed radars, traffic police, traffic police posts and other dangerous road objects).
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DeveloperAIRBITS & Reactive Phone
UpdatedApr 7, 2023
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Smart Driver – an indispensable app for drivers that combines DVR and warning of the dangers on the road (speed cameras – arrows, fixed radar traffic police, traffic police posts and other dangerous places). If your speed when approaching a dangerous site will be higher the resolution, the application will apply the warning sounds. This is important because Now the penalty for excess to> 20 km / h has already begun with 500 rubles. Download the app today and save on penalties today!

You no longer need a separate video recorder to reduce the risk of misconduct on the part of other drivers and traffic police. You no longer need a radar detector. With the app Smart Driver it all in your phone or tablet. Smart Driver can run in the background – you can use it in conjunction with the navigator. Warnings about the dangers will be displayed with the help of voice and visual notifications poskazok and video recording with sound will work in the background without interfering with other applications.

How it works: when you drive too close to a road camera and you exceed the allowed speed, the app will notify you with sound alerts. Download the app now and save on the fines today!
You no longer need a stationary video recorder to reduce the risk of misconduct from other drivers or the traffic police. You don’t need the radar detector too. With Smart Driver, you already have all this in your smartphone or tablet.

Smart Driver works in the background mode – you can use it with navigation apps. While you are driving, the app notifies you about road hazards by voice and visual tips, records video with sound in a background mode without stopping other apps.

Key app features:
Alerting about speed cameras and traffic police posts
Running in the background with a navigator
Support notifications about pair cameras that measure average speedon a road section
Video recording

Currently the app database includes road hazards for the following countries:
– Russia
– Germany
– Ukraine
– Belarus
– Kazakhstan
– Uzbekistan
– Turkmenistan
– Azerbaijan
– Armenia
– Georgia


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