Smurfs Village MOD APK (Unlimited Coins) 2.56.1

Smurfs Village MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

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Unlimited Coins

Touch the Gold Coin icon on the screen.
Click ‘Buy Now‘, the go ld coins increase.


Smurfs Village lets you explore and build a magical village for adorable Smurf creatures that evolve to create exotic environments and make your village happier every day.

Smurfs Village MOD APK


Smurfs’ Village is a simulation game in which players are immersed in a magical world accompanied by blue creatures called Smurfs. The content and gameplay are also full of relaxation and excitement as anyone can build or develop a beautiful and laughable village. Over time, they can create more wonderful things and enjoy all the magic the Smurfs and the village have to offer.


Build your first building in your village

The Smurf Village introduces an intricate building system as the village needs to be self-sufficient in a variety of conditions and seasons. This allows players to build many basic structures and increase the productivity of their residents over time. Little by little, more content will open up and people will be able to build more things next to their buildings to make their village richer.

Produce and get a lifeline

Once the player has the necessary structures, they can craft the items needed to craft or feed the Smurfs. The beauty of different items is that they have a lot of value to be traded or otherwise crafted, allowing the player to queue multiple items and auto-create them. Of course, you can collect more items from the environment that you can use for upgrades to keep all your resources efficiently.

Explore a beautiful magical world

Smurfs Village introduces another big magical world for players to explore and enjoy with all the fascinating elements it has to offer. Every place they visit is full of surprises and discoveries, including new resources and content to make their village more prosperous. As if that wasn’t enough, they can expand their village and live in direct symbiosis with the world to improve the performance and culture of the Smurfs.

Interact with new beautiful characters

The village becomes more vibrant as the player continuously recruits new villagers with different personalities and appearances to create a lively and lively atmosphere. When touched, all characters will have unforgettable interactions and players can chat to get more rewards. As your village grows, you can recruit or create more new villagers to meet the manpower and jobs you need.

Beautiful and fun mini-games

In addition to taking care of the village, mini-games are also great content for players to entertain and accompany the Smurfs. Minigames vary in content and style, with many possibilities, and even many unique rewards based on everyone’s achievements. Luckily, minigames always evolve independently, so everyone has plenty of opportunities to take their village to the next level.

Be careful and protect the village from evil

Gargamel’s arrival is both important and terrifying for all residents of Smurf Village. For this reason, the player must always be ready and fight to defend the village or collect many rewards if he hunts down Gargamel with his hated cat. However, if the player lets Gargamel destroy the village to the required level of toxicity, the villagers will start to leave, making the situation worse.

Key Features

  • Enjoy building a magical world with a magnificent Smurfs’ village lying within the beautiful sceneries and developments.
  • Expand the villages with exotic buildings that help fasten the self-sufficient progress to increase the village’s income and productivity.
  • Recruit new Smurf to diversify the village’s atmosphere and laughter through diverse and complex character development.
  • Intoxicating and high-rewarding mini-games for players utilize every factor or maximize the village’s growth.
  • Fight with Gargamel and his cat to defend the Smurf’s peaceful village from his evil magic that can harm the world.


Smurfs’ Village is one of the most relaxing and exhilarating games that immerse players in the excitement and fun of the Smurfs. Above all, it focuses on everything beautiful and friendly, making gameplay full of possibilities and bringing the freshest experience to everyone.

What's new

A brilliant, fire-breathing Year of the Dragon update!
• Hanfu Smurf saunters into the village and has brought her exclusive Lunar Items to enjoy!
• New Dragon Outfit for Gargamel: Exclusive Offer!
• The fierce Lunar Dragon soars into Mega Mystery Boxes!
• Help build the relaxing Lunar Garden Wonder!
• More Lunar New Year items to decorate with!



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