South Park: Phone Destroyer MOD APK (God Mode, Free MP)

All those countless hours spent on your phone have been preparing you for this moment.
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DeveloperUbisoft Entertainment
Released onNov 8, 2017
UpdatedOct 20, 2023
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Mod Info

1. 1 hit kill
2. God mode
3. No mana cost


In South Park: Phone Destroyer Mod APK, players collect and upgrade a roster of characters from the series, each with unique abilities, and use them to take on opponents in real-time PvP battles. real time.

south park phone destroyer 1

You can enter the world of South Park characters and participate in their battles. Players will have a completely different experience through each battle. Counter your opponent’s strategy with tactics. Create practical barriers for each enemy before entering battle and defend yourself. Each character will be under your control as they engage in battle and unleash a variety of attacks on enemies.


Strategy game is a timeless genre and South Park is guaranteed to give you all a great time for everyone out there. The game publisher, Ubisoft, has announced that it will offer a variety of games that can appeal to a wide range of players. This fun animated interface is introduced at the start of each battle. To face all enemies, you will have to use the characters provided by the game. Join the battle team and fight on brutal battlefields.

Put yourself in the shoes of the main characters in the novel and develop your attacks. strategy. Members of each team will compete and take turns participating. You move to a location more convenient to your potential target. Destroy them as soon as possible to ensure their fate. You can create a powerful army by building it first. Allows them to participate in battles and coordinate with each other


South Park values ​​character development, starting with visuals and continuing continues through speech and action. You will be responsible for managing the character and attacking enemies, while other villains will be the force to destroy. Explore the characters’ stories and all the interesting and strange events that happen in their world. The player’s abilities decide the fate of the battle. Completing the assigned missions will help the warriors achieve their goals.


The fight can begin as soon as opponent appears. To carry out offensive operations, the enemy team will advance. You can coordinate with teammates to fight back in this game mode. Use the proven strategies you’ve perfected to prepare yourself when launching a counterattack. When facing countless enemy formations, pay attention to detecting and attacking the enemy’s weak points. Your enemies will be unstoppable as you fight using a variety of techniques.


Drawed cards will summon each character and appear in different costumes so players can clearly distinguish them. 110 cards at your disposal will allow you to recruit new characters. Characters can compete with other opponents by upgrading their cards as the game progresses. Iconic video game characters include Stan from Many Moons and Cyborg Kenny. The stats of these cards will increase accordingly as you gain experience. Complete the necessary objectives to access new maps in each battle.


To make your character stand out, change their appearance by changing their hair color and outfit. For warriors to wear in battle, create amazing new fashionable clothes. So you can face your enemies, improve your thinking and train your strength. Become a superhero ready to face all challenges. By overcoming the enemy’s attack barrier, you can cause him a terrible death.

What's new

Technical update to keep the game running smoothly.



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