Speaker Booster Full Pro MOD APK (Ad-Free) 20.2

Speaker Booster Full Pro MOD APK (Ad-Free)

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Dec 26, 2022
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Mod Info

● Ads/Libs Removed
● Works Offline
● AOSP Compatible
● App size Reduced to 1.2 MB


A smart and simple application for your Android device “Speaker Booster Full Pro” will help you to boost the sound in your speakers.
Speaker Booster allows you to boost the sound of music, video, audio, audiobooks, radio, voice records, and notifications in speakers and headphones.

If you like listening to music at high volume, but the speakers are not loud enough, then just download Speaker Booster, turn on the booster and enjoy loud mp3 music!
“Speaker Booster Full Pro” can enhance the volume of radio and audiobooks! Just control standard volume and boost as you need.
Also, if you like watching videos on your tablet or phone, but the speakers of the tablet are not loud enough, then use “Speaker Booster Full Pro”!
This app increases the volume of video, video clip, film, and mp4.
Increase the volume of your favorite films, or TV series, and watch loud videos with headphones and speakers.

If you want to make the notifications louder, then “Speaker Booster Full Pro” is a good help for you!
For example, if you can’t hear the incoming call or SMS notifications, you do not wake up on time because your alarm clock is not loud enough,
then use Speaker Booster and you will hear all notifications!
You will not miss calls, SMS notifications, or alarm clock!

“Speaker Booster Full Pro” is the application that makes the sound on your phone and tablet louder.
Also, a speaker booster can increase the volume of sound even in headphones!
If you like listening to music in the headset, but the volume is not so loud,
then download “Speaker Booster Full Pro” for Android and increase the volume of audio and video, mp3 music and audiobooks,
mp3, wav and mp4, radio and notifications in earphones, Bluetooth headphones, headset, headphones.

If you prefer loud music and you like listening to music in Bluetooth speakers, “Speaker Booster Full Pro” can enhance volume in Bluetooth speakers too.
Just regulate standard volume and boost music.
Invite friends, turn on Speaker Booster, choose popular music and have a party all together! Music will be so loud like in a nightclub or at the disco!

“Speaker Booster Full Pro” can increase the volume of sound in video games.

If you listen to music in the street, when you go for a walk with friends, when you ride a bike and you like listening to loud music outside,
you can download “Speaker Booster Full Pro” on your Android,
turn on your favorite music, turn on Speaker Booster and control high volume as you want! Enjoy loud music!

But be careful! Use it at your own risk. We are not responsible for your gadget.

What will you be able to do, if you download “Speaker Booster Full Pro”:

— make the sound louder than the standard volume on Android;
— boost the volume of video, mp4;
— boost the volume of wav audio;
— increase the volume of mp3 music;
— make notifications louder;
— enhance the volume of radio;
— boost sound in speakers;
— increase the volume of music in headphones, boost earphones, boost Bluetooth headphones, boost headpiece;
— boost sound in Bluetooth speakers;
— high volume of sound;
— customize the application as needed;
— music application for Android devices.

If you set boost to zero, then-Speaker Booster Full Pro will be off. The notification icon is only for ease of launching.
If you don’t like seeing the notification icon when Speaker Booster Full Pro is off, just go to Settings and set it to appear only when the app is active.

Install the application right now and enjoy! Listen to loud music, watch the loud video! Share “Speaker Booster Full Pro” with friends and listen to loud enhanced music altogether!
Boost your Android. Be modern with high-volume speakers.



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