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DeveloperStayFree Apps
Released onAug 25, 2017
UpdatedNov 14, 2023
RequirementsVaries with device
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✪ Premium Features Unlocked
✪ Multi Languages
✪ CPUs: universal
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StayFree – Screen Time Tracker is a Self Control, Productivity, and Phone Addiction Controller app that allows you to show how much time you spend on your smartphone and helps you focus by restricting the usage of apps. You can set usage limits for your apps and receive alerts when exceeding those usage limits. You can also view the details of your usage and statistics on your usage history.

StayFree MOD APK

StayFree – Stay Focused Overview

StayFree does a great job as dedicated storage that reminds users how long they have been using their smartphones. It splits your app into chunks, calculates the time spent on them, and issues pre-configured alerts. After listening to your feedback, we have brought back the long-awaited time-wasting support feature. Start setting reminders and resetting app usage on your device today!

App Features

  • App usage history: view charts and statistics of your usage history.
  • Over-use reminder: notify you when you are spending too much time in an app and start your digital detox.
  • Block mode: temporarily block any application that you are over-using and stay focused.
  • Export mode: export your usage history to CSV or Microsoft Excel file.
  • Inspiring quotations: show inspiring quotations that encourage productivity and less usage of your phone.
  • Interface customization: there are 5 themes – customize the app how you want!
  • Lock mode: requires a password to change the settings.
  • Widget: show the most used apps and total usage on a nice widget.
  • Pie chart graph: view daily and monthly application usage percentages.

Scheduling and usage tracking

StayFree is like a class schedule that helps you develop an effective time management system during the day, manage your time well and avoid excessive phone usage. From there, users can get free time for other valuable activities. This process is recorded to compare progress and self-discipline over time. The overall usage history is displayed in a statistical graph.

Set a reminder

I have a smartwatch that activates when I start controlling the time I use the phone and the system gives me the option to choose the time during the day when I use the application and as soon as the time is exceeded it alerts the user Sent to the device to notify. The app is then blacklisted.

Professional mode

After the usage period has expired, StayFree will temporarily block the extra applications from trying to access them. With most distracting applications limited, you can always focus on your work. If you don’t want to get loud notifications from your device, go to sleep mode to enable it and set a sleep schedule for some apps.

Motivation and inspiration

Tired of monotonous work or lacking the motivation to improve yourself? Don’t worry; an automatic message that will send inspirational messages to your home screen every hour to motivate you to work harder built the system.

Friendly interface

The interface makes it easy to find 5 different themes and choose one of the 5 as your background to start your day with more fun. Familiar features are neat and easy to find, and of course, everyone wants to have the right application for their device.


However, StayFree also respects your ability to protect and retain your personal information. Installation is now safer! All information provided on the device will be retained and any action to change application usage time, schedule to prevent interference, etc. will require the password to be entered to proceed.

Display function

A column or pie statistics table keeps track of frequently used and rarely used applications and calculates the total time users spend on them. Control your time more effectively and experience a quieter space free of distractions. View daily and monthly statistics to more easily compare each person’s progress in improving their phone addiction.

Start Downloading and Experience

StayFree is always available and accessible for users who want to receive notifications to focus more on work or study. It’s great to experience a quiet space alone. Things might go a lot smoother if you don’t suffer from the negative effects of the internet. We always welcome valuable feedback from our users. We hope you will soon own it and get used to improve your time management.

What's new

Exciting news! Our latest update now allows you to pair your Wear OS smartwatch with your phone. Stay connected to keep track your phone usage data.


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