Stick Warfare: Blood Strike MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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DeveloperTeam Modernator Games
Released onMay 10, 2020
UpdatedMar 16, 2024
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Mod Info

  • Money increases on spending (you need to have enough money to buy first)
  • All sets and weapons are unlocked.


Play Stick Warfare: Blood Strike MOD APK, a fast and fun shooting game with Stickman characters. Team up with friends to fight the bad guys using cool weapons and upgrades.

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Teamwork is something that cannot be ignored in Stick Warfare: Blood Strike because it is the soul of the match. This new action game combined with top shooting has created a perfect playground for you. Players must also form a team to fight strongly with all opponents on the other side. Upgrading the gun system and accompanying deadly weapons will also create an impression that you cannot miss. Winning big and creating new battles is what you should do now.


In this war, the first thing you do is command Mobilize your brothers to form a powerful squad. This group will follow you throughout the process so you must choose carefully. In particular, they have high fighting spirit and demonstrate unique shooting abilities. What you do is help build a complete team and meet the game’s requirements.

Each person has a unique mission and based on those missions; You can show all your abilities. Stick Warfare: Blood Strike will rely on the number of team members to find equivalent opposing squads to fight. Both teams will achieve the highest hits thanks to their special abilities; You must attack strongly to eliminate the enemy team members.


The game will provide you with a variety of unique weapons to participate in the great battle. Two teams will compete against each other and you will then benefit from many other support features in the game, allowing you to overcome fatal falls or get up for more attacks. In particular, you must also coordinate with teammates to take the initiative in Stick Warfare: Blood Strike.

Players must also use more necessary means such as new explosive grenades to defeat opponents. defense. The more opponents you defeat, the more chances you have of winning. Plus, you’ll also earn great rewards and points. However, you will also be given some important challenges and it is these challenges that make the game more unique and special.


Players will face challenges from different teams to create their own plays. Specifically, it would be helpful if you also used a series of the most useful upgrades; You can overcome major shocks with these upgrades. You should pay attention to using weapons to limit and preserve your own arsenal. Weapons will also be renewed and added to your collection to help you develop your abilities.

At the same time, you should also use a safety protective film to avoid bullets transmitted by enemies. Specifically, this bulletproof membrane helps you become stronger and take down to attack large opponents. You will have a chance to win if you dominate, and you will also have to rely on each case to attack the weaker ones. Bloodline will represent their strength and you must rely on it to show off all your unique abilities.

Thanks to that, with its development and uniqueness, Stick Warfare: Blood Strike absolutely deserves praise. The bloody battles of the best shooting scenes will be faithfully recreated in this game. Furthermore, you will also find your true friends in each battle. Players also need to be more flexible in how they move and attack proactively and strongly to be able to destroy a series of these large enemies. The battles will last forever and only you have the courage to defeat the enemy.


  • Choose the right guns and start fighting with great opponents on the grand front all over the world.
  • Find like-minded friends to form a strong squad for these great battles.
  • Make innovation or upgrade new weapons to create the most memorable attacks in this game.
  • Added a series of new skills and implemented them to develop safe protection frames to be able to attack the enemy boldly.
  • Unlock a variety of new battles and take your teammates to different places to create unique impressions.

What's new

- New Game Mode: Base 191 Extraction
- New Free Package: Urban Warfare
- New Package: Civil War
- 2 New Perks: Stimulator, Assault Juggernaut
- 6 New Weapons: Zdenek M2 Rifle, M277 Rifle, Zdenek M2 DMR, Stark CAR-15 DMR, VAR-15 DMR, XM6 Tigress Sniper Rifle
- 4 Weapon Gadgets: .50 Wolfsjäger Rounds, 6.8 High-Velo Rounds, 216 Magnum Buckshot, Shotgun Silencer
- 1 New Cosmetics: Safety Glasses



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