Charging Master (Super Charging Pro) MOD APK (VIP Unlocked)

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Released onMar 5, 2023
UpdatedApr 14, 2024
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Mod Info

VIP Features Unlocked


Super Charging Pro helps you manage your device status and battery through various notifications. In some cases, you can also limit overcharging and reduce your device’s power consumption.

Super Charging Pro MOD APK


Super Charging Pro is an application that helps you find useful information about charging your device’s battery. You can quickly know the basic parameters during charging and receive notifications when abnormal conditions or when the battery is fully charged. At the same time, it can also improve many factors related to devise performance and reduce battery power consumption.

Main Features

Check Device Battery Health

Super Charging Pro allows users to manage battery health using detailed parameters such as temperature and health. At the same time, this function will display differently depending on whether the device is charging or not. It can monitor your device’s usage and charging, so you can provide the best solutions when your usage starts to look erratic.

Check Your Battery’s Charging History

A useful feature that every user will love in Super Charging Pro is the ability to easily manage your device’s charging history. Specifically, you can see when and how much the battery is charging, and how long it takes to overcharge. Continuous overcharging and repeated use of the device for extended periods will adversely affect the battery. So choose when to charge or use app features.

Notify users of Useful information

If you notice unscientific charging methods with Super Charging Pro, you can get more precise information through notifications from the app. In particular, we are aware of the unusual amount of energy during charging and are considering choosing a new charging cable. You can also know how much time is left until the charge is complete, and we all want our batteries to last longer.

Smart settings when charging your device

With Super Charging Pro, you can find tweaks and settings to further optimize your charging. It can save screen power and charge your device faster. At the same time, it prevents background processes from concentrating on charging the battery every time charging is initiated. In addition, the application automatically reduces the brightness of your device to reduce energy consumption.


One reason the unit consumes so much power is that it does unnecessary work. So you can easily use the boost feature of your device to save energy. You can keep your device cooler by clearing junk files and freeing up device memory from unnecessary work. The device should return to a stable state and focus on charging the battery.

No Advertisements

Certainly what all users want is not to encounter annoying ads and ruin their experience. Therefore, the VIP version of the application completely removes ads and you won’t see any unexpected ads that you might pop up or accidentally click on. Your experience should be perfectly smooth and clean, allowing you to focus on managing the health of your device and its battery.

Useful apps

We can say that this is a very useful application that helps you manage the content of your device. By allowing your battery to charge faster, you can improve performance and reduce power consumption. At the same time, one of the reasons why users use this application is that it is compact and packed with valuable features. Easy to use on various Android devices.

Keys Features

  • You will know the battery status of your device when it is charged and not charged so you can monitor your battery after many uses.
  • Problems related to abnormal energy flows or overcharges are completely solved when users receive notifications from the application.
  • You can set some features when performing the charging and know the complete information about the charges stored in the history.
  • The user can improve the device’s performance and save energy by installing and using many features.
  • Experience with an ad-free interface is possible when you upgrade to the VIP version to help you focus on the application’s features.


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