Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Microsoft SwiftKey AI Keyboard MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)
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Sep 22, 2010
Nov 22, 2023
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mod info

• Custom, ported and stock themes with larger fonts
• Auto-punctuation fixed
• Authorization and synchronization of a personal dictionary works with Microsoft and Google (you need to disable AdGuard, hosts, DNS, etc.)
• The name is simply “SwiftKey”
• Analytical links removed
• + New theme
Xperia Neptune
Xperia Darkness
Xperia Grey Art
Darkness Transparent
Black Stone
iOS Minimal
Simple Black
Samsung Light
Dark Blue
AI Type Classic
Samsung Galaxy Blue
High Contrast
Adaptive II с доп символами
Adaptive Minimal
Duo Dark Minimal
Jio Reliance
Duo Dark с доп символами
iOS Dark
iOS Dark Minimal
Night Halo


SwiftKey Keyboard MOD APK is an intelligent keyboard that learns your writing style, so you can type faster. Use your personalized keyboard to type and send emojis, GIFs, and more just the way you like. The Microsoft SwiftKey swipe keyboard is always learning and adapting to match your unique way of typing – including your slang, nicknames, and emoji.

SwiftKey Keyboard Premium Apk

Introduction to SwiftKey Keyboard App

SwiftKey Keyboard is a popular keyboard app available for both Android and iOS devices. It offers a unique typing experience with a wide range of customization options to personalize the keyboard to the user’s preference. With its intuitive autocorrect and predictive text features, SwiftKey Keyboard makes typing faster, easier, and more accurate.

Key Features of the SwiftKey Keyboard App

Intuitive Autocorrect and Predictive Text

SwiftKey Keyboard’s autocorrect and predictive text features are some of its most notable strengths. The app uses an AI-powered language model to predict what the user is trying to type, making typing faster and reducing the need for manual corrections. The app also learns from the user’s typing style and adapts to their language preferences over time.

Personalization Options

SwiftKey Keyboard allows users to personalize their keyboards in various ways. Users can choose from a wide range of themes, including options for light and dark backgrounds, as well as custom images. They can also change the font, color, and size of the keyboard, and adjust the height and width of the keyboard to their preference.

Multi-language Support

SwiftKey Keyboard supports over 150 languages, making it an ideal choice for multilingual users. The app can automatically switch between languages based on the text being typed, and users can also easily switch between languages with a single tap.

SwiftKey Flow

SwiftKey Flow is a unique typing experience that allows users to type without lifting their finger from the keyboard. It combines the benefits of gesture typing and predictive text to provide a fast and accurate typing experience. Users can also use SwiftKey Flow to type punctuation, numbers, and special characters.

Stickers, Emojis, and GIFs

SwiftKey Keyboard also offers a wide range of stickers, emojis, and GIFs to add a fun element to messaging. Users can access the emoji panel to quickly find the perfect emoji for their message. They can also search for specific GIFs to express themselves better in their messages.

User Experience

SwiftKey Keyboard is known for its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to use for users of all ages. The app is highly responsive, and the keyboard keys are well-spaced for comfortable typing. The autocorrect and predictive text features also make typing faster and more accurate.


SwiftKey Keyboard is a highly recommended keyboard app for both Android and iOS users. With its intuitive autocorrect and predictive text features, personalization options, multi-language support, and additional features like SwiftKey Flow, stickers, emojis, and GIFs, it offers a unique and customized typing experience. Whether you are a casual or heavy phone user, SwiftKey Keyboard is an excellent choice for improving your typing experience.

What's new

You can now generate memes to share with friends and family! Find it with your emojis, stickers and image creator - coming to some locales later
Introducing Editor with GPT. Correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation in one tap
Fixed a crash when opening clipboard settings with a large number of items
Added user education about SwiftKey's dynamic learning for new users
Fixed a bug with emoji search results being cut off in the results bar


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