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Swiftly Switch Pro is an edge app that improves your Android experience by allowing you to use your phone with one hand and making multitasking faster!
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DeveloperAssistive Tool - Studio
Released onJan 13, 2016
UpdatedApr 19, 2024
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Swiftly Switch Pro is an edge app that improves your Android experience by allowing you to use your phone with one hand and making multitasking faster! Swiftly Switch runs in the background and can be easily accessed from any screen with just one swipe from the edged screen. It’s fast, battery friendly, highly customizable, and has no ads.

Swiftly switch Pro MOD APK


Swiftly Switch – Pro gives you the ability to quickly and selectively customize, manage and use device features. You will find what you have selected and it will be immediately available for searching and advertising without any problems. Additionally, the application also allows you to customize some advanced features, and new promotions keep appearing in updates.

Main Features

Features that are easy to use even on large-screen devices

A feature that users found in his Swiftly Switch-Pro is the ability to access any application, action, or application shortcut without having to search for long hours. At the same time, if you use a device with a large screen, you don’t have to move your hands to open other applications. Therefore, the experience with the app is varied and it’s up to you to decide and organize what you use in the app.

Use functions with just one hand

After successfully installing Swiftly Switch – Pro, it’s time to access it and start granting it some permissions so that the application can run smoothly and reach its full potential. You’ll need to grant access, view through the app, and do many other customizations. Once you’ve done a few customizations, you’ll be taken to the app’s main settings screen and setup will begin. Learn about and choose the features you use most often here.

Add favorite apps

Swiftly Switch – Pro has two notable elements: Circle Favorite and Quick Action. The first item allows you to add frequently used apps. Alongside Quick Actions to access more apps, you’ll also find Favorites in a separate feature grid, so you’ll only need to add essential apps for easy opening and use. , you can see how the application works and tap that section when you want to win something.

Easily control actions on your device

In Swiftly Switch-Pro, apps often work in tandem with actions and fully support each other. The app offers a variety of actions such as grid favorites, search shortcuts, recent apps, and Wi-Fi on/off. You may find that these are specific functions that you perform each time you use your device. It can be said that you don’t need to do much on the device, especially on a large-screen device.

Adjust the size of the feature grid appearance

An interesting point that users can find while using the application is the customization of some necessary items. The element people are interested in is grid favorites that show apps of different sizes. So you can decide how many apps to display on each row, how many columns to display, and other optimization features. The usefulness lies in the ability to observe and control what users are using.

Ads are not a problem if you use this application. You’ll find a clean interface with help features for quick access to your top frequently used apps and activities. The app can therefore help you fine-tune your experience over time and is a worthwhile feature for any user who wants to use everything with one hand without distractions.

Compact capacity for everyone

The functionality of the application is convenient and available at all times. At the same time, everyone can use the application as it has a compact capacity and is suitable for many devices. In addition, many new useful features will be found during use and will appear in updates. You may have more opportunities to use and interact with your device’s features faster and more extensively.

Keys Features

  • You will be able to quickly find the apps and features you use on your device quickly with just a few taps.
  • The application will need to be authorized to function correctly and give you a wide selection of apps and features you want to use.
  • With a wide selection of your favorite apps and features, you’ll find a place to get them up and running quickly without searching.
  • The experience that the application brings is completely diverse that can be adjusted by the user, and does not contain any ads.
  • The application is useful to many users because of its compactness, variety, and new actions for you to choose from that will appear continuously.

What's new

What's new:
- Change the Show App Options feature in More Settings
- Add two Quick Action Buttons to the action section: NFC setting, All App
- Now you can click on the Shortcuts Set icon in the Panel View section to display it
- Now in addition to the Favorites Grid collection you can add folders to other collections such as Quick Actions, Recent Apps, Favorites Circle
- Fixed an issue where uninstall apps were still displayed in the Collection list
- Fix some bugs and improvements



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