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3.17 Final
TeraCopy Pro: the ultimate solution for Windows users seeking faster, more secure file transfers.
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DeveloperCode Sector
UpdatedMay 3, 2024
Version3.17 Final
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Introducing TeraCopy Pro: the definitive choice for Windows users looking for quicker and more protected data transfers. Bid farewell to the irritation caused by sluggish file copying or transferring. TeraCopy Pro serves as a dependable ally, guaranteeing quick and effortless file transfers.

TeraCopy Pro

By using TeraCopy Pro, you have the ability to continue transfers that have been interrupted, which helps to save you precious time and alleviate any inconvenience. It is intended to avoid problematic files and present them to you at the end for convenient management. Additionally, it generates CRC checksums in real-time, enhancing the efficiency of comparing source and target files.

The integration with Windows Explorer allows you to continue working with your files as you normally would, while also benefiting from the enhanced efficiency provided by TeraCopy Pro. Whether you opt for using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts, TeraCopy Pro provides user-friendly commands for transferring files effortlessly.

Enjoy the ease and security provided by TeraCopy Pro for a seamless user experience. You can now enhance your Windows file management experience by downloading it from our website.

Characteristics of TeraCopy Pro Complete: amplifying the speed of file transfer, ensuring security during the process, ability to pause and resume transfers, detecting errors and automatically correcting them, ability to test files after copying, and integration with Windows Explorer.

Speed up file transfers: TeraCopy employs dynamically adjusted buffers to minimize seek times. Asynchronous copying speeds up the transfer of files between two separate physical hard drives.

Suspension and continuation of data transfers. Halt the copying operation at any point to release system resources and resume with just a simple click.

Should an error occur while copying files, TeraCopy will make multiple attempts to resolve it. If the error cannot be fixed, the program will simply skip the problematic file without halting the entire transfer process.

TeraCopy highlights unsuccessful file transfers and allows you to address and recopy only the problematic files.

Shell integration, TeraCopy offers the ability to fully substitute the copying and moving functions of Explorer, enabling you to handle files in a typical manner.


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