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Released onJun 11, 2018
UpdatedOct 17, 2023
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The Clock is a simple and reliable alarm clock with extreme functions. It combines all of the functionality you need into one simple, beautiful package. Our free alarm clock application is designed to create, edit and remove alarms in the easiest way. It can be used to wake up in the morning or set up reminders for your daily tasks or TODOs. Never forget an important task or event again by setting alarms on a specific date in the future.

The Clock MOD APK

The Clock: Alarm Clock & Timer

The Clock: Alarm Clock & Timer is a clock application that many people trust and appreciate for its reliability and accuracy. The variety of watches available in this application allows users to acquire and enjoy the many features offered. No need to worry about being late for work, timer functions, and many other modern processes.

Simple and easy to use

This watch is considered a familiar watch that is indispensable in today’s life. The beautiful and vivid interface makes it easy for players to recognize the content displayed there and is very easy to use. This is an opportunity that anyone can use. It’s designed to be straightforward and not too fussy, but still provides enough important information to share with users.


It’s like someone who wakes you up. A gentle, gradual increase in volume will help you wake up on time. Thanks to him, I have never been late or late to an appointment. Whatever you do, always set a precise time to complete it more accurately and quickly.

You can choose your favorite music to send to the ring

Activate your brain every morning, help people wake up more refreshed and ready for a new day, turn off the alarm clock Try solving some small problems to make it work. These problems force you to think with your head. It’s a small thing, but it made a big difference in my life.

The clock can be clocked

This application also has a very accurate and effective clock function. You can use the stopwatch to time critical situations such as sprints and general sporting events. It is also used in important works and scientific experiments. In general, you should use this watch as long as you need to count a certain amount of time.

What's new

We are working hard to improve our app by adding new features and fixing minor bugs. In this version:
- We made minor bug fixes and stability improvements.
--> Stay tuned for our future updates. Do not forget to share the app with your friends and family...


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