Ticket to Earth MOD APK (Full Game)

A distant planet. A dying colony. A deadly conspiracy. Fight a corrupt system in Ticket to Earth, the revolutionary tactical puzzle RPG!
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DeveloperRobot Circus
Released onDec 11, 2017
UpdatedOct 27, 2023
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Ticket to Earth is a game built on a unique mix of puzzle, strategy, and RPG genres that give birth to something new. A compelling story leads players to the exciting challenges they must overcome in the game.

Ticket to Earth Mod

Ticket to Earth will be a game that can offer players a unique gaming experience. If you’re a particular fan of RPG-style games, this is a game you can’t ignore in your collection. In this game, you’ll get involved in an interesting storyline with complex combat challenges to reach your final goal. increase.

Unique combo gameplay

The game created should build a good game system with the idea that was originally developed. An engaging game should have gameplay that will surprise new players when they first experience their role. For this reason, the producers of Ticket to Earth decided to build the gameplay in a very familiar RPG style.

Choosing a playstyle that you are familiar with is a huge advantage and allows you to quickly develop your game in many directions. And after a period of careful research on gameplay, this game has created an extraordinary revolution with new combinations. The game is built in a style that combines puzzle, strategy, and RPG to create a whole new kind of game you’ve never experienced before.

Attractive game schedule

In games developed in the RPG style, the story is always a feature that needs to be carefully designed. The initial storyline that unfolds should show the lead so that the player can easily integrate into the main emotional flow of the game. With Ticket to Earth, you can start the game on the remote planet New He Providence, whose energy resources are slowly being depleted.

In this situation, the rich tried to return to Earth, which caused considerable anger among the survivors. Also, everyone is in greater danger when aliens and runaway robots start attacking. But luckily Rose is an orphaned gardener with no family, but has the courage of a hero. Now help Rose in this dangerous battle to save the lives of her loved ones.

Hard challenge set

And you’ll have to develop your challenge system to best fit your gameplay and storyline. The main goal players must strive for when participating in challenges is still to fight dangerous creatures to save everyone’s lives from danger. Also, the game is developed in a chessboard style, where players must collect matching squares to boost their special abilities.

The game offers the player various enemies with special power values ​​that the player must overcome. The real-time combat system becomes another challenge where players must define themselves to develop the right strategy for the intense game. Using it will make it easier to face enemies.


  • The game is developed in a very familiar role-playing style that will allow the game to have more excellent customization capabilities.
  • The main gameplay that the game brings to its players will be a unique combination of the puzzle genre, strategy, and extremely attractive RPG.
  • A fascinating storyline from a special planet and a story of fighting to the end to protect life with tickets back to Earth.
  • Complex challenges have been set up so that players can show their abilities and overcome them to receive rewards.
  • The game’s graphics are designed in an adorable style with bright colors that are combined to create realism.



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