Tiles Hop: EDM Rush! MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Play Tiles Hop: EDM Rush and have a fun music games playing time! Are you a fan of music games genre that challenge your skills with thousands of songs? Look no further than Tiles Hop - the ultimate among music games! Tiles Hop is sure to become your new favorite song games of all time. It's easy, just drag you ball to jump and hop on music tiles. Download this ultimate music games. Remember, hop ball to music tiles, don't fall. This is a combination of music games, song game and ball game.
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Released onJan 16, 2018
UpdatedMay 18, 2024
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Mod Info

Unlimited Money


Tiles Hop supports popular music entertainment on request, import the songs you want and enjoy the music. Use balls for this activity and land them on characteristic squares to complete the mission. New features like easier song search and special additions will be released early in the update. Not only K-POP but also hit songs from Vietnam!

Tiles Hop MOD APK


Sound-moving games aren’t that weird. However, Tiles Hop is more special than having full permission to create tasks for yourself. The system will ask you about the song you want to play this time. Enter its name and click the link to get started. All recommended tracks. Like his real K-Pop stage, it’s professional, fun, and has Vietnamese music songs.


Although there are some difficult actions, Tiles Hop introduces one-handed one-touch controls with flexible touchscreen controls. Just control the little ball and slide it to the correct musical key position. Creating paths with long notes can be tricky. Players must bring the ball to the correct marked position. The notes pop out of nowhere and improvise to inspire your skills!

The success of this game is due to beautiful 3D graphics technology and flexible rendering support, so the ball doesn’t stay in the air for too long. The main one is a sound generator with a clipboard that can record arbitrary music and play it on command. The clear, unmistakable sound lasts until the end of the song, just like you’re on a real stage.


Tiles We wowed players with this hugely diverse version featuring over 30 different songs from different genres. Additionally, the player’s collection includes surprises such as changing the main background or a set of themes associated with a particular story.

We have more unique designs in stock to customize the look of your ball. However, to obtain them, you must meet certain requirements. Once you’ve found the perfect soundtrack for your game, collect stars, money, and prizes to win the latest music ball designs. Compete. Even better if you can beat your friends in exciting K-Pop contests. Connecting your game to your Facebook account allows you to find and invite other users to play more conveniently and quickly.


Tiles Hop opens up a fun music arena for you and your friends to participate in, based on our desire to provide the best sound and picture quality for our players. Different genres, always ready to hit the ball, experience your musical path, and don’t forget to give your rating! Each song is licensed for release, with over 30 different songs in the collection If the song is included, the title request will be approved by the system.

What's new

We update regularly to improve the game quality

๐ŸŒŸ Improve visual and effect for some elements in-game
๐ŸŒŸ Searching for songs is easier
๐ŸŒŸ Some random players will receive new features

โค๏ธ Enjoy the game and rate for us ๐Ÿ‘



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