TiviMate IPTV Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 4.7.0

TiviMate IPTV Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

With TiviMate you can watch live TV channels from your IPTV provider on Android set-top boxes.
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Mar 2, 2023
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Watch Live TV on your phone or tablet with TiviMate Mod APK. No monthly fees and no cable box are required. Just download the app and watch. TiviMate has content for all sports, news, and soap opera lovers. You can also choose from major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox. TiviMate is a multi-purpose utility that allows users to watch all content from registered IPTV providers directly on their mobile devices. This ensures complete flexibility instead of focusing on TV, allowing users to watch TV anywhere and anytime without needing to be connected to the same WiFi or Internet. It also offers many great features to streamline the user’s experience with all the content from the provider through subscription.

TiviMate IPTV Player MOD APK

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A sleek and comprehensive interface

TiviMate’s overview interface has many impressive features and a sleek, clean design that all users will quickly become familiar with. The whole thing works like a list, but the information and descriptions are specific and full of useful information about each TV channel. The interface is convenient and has many perfect interactions, so users can feel comfortable and calm while interacting with IPTV.

Explore all IPTV content

This app does not provide free content. Instead, the user has to connect to her in-house IPTV, which comes with a monthly subscription. The linking process is also simple, with many specific instructions and potential minor issues. After connecting, the user is free to browse or view all his IPTV content and keep everything neatly organized.

See everything easily

TiviMate’s biggest drawback is that it requires an internet connection for users to view all linked content. However, it gives you complete flexibility as you can watch your favorite shows publicly or privately anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. You can switch freely.

Personalize your profile

Everyone in the family has different IPTV profiles that help them track their viewing progress and favorite channels. Users can set passwords on their profiles for personal reasons, and their recommendation system, browsing history, and search engine are all stored in each profile without interlacing. Additionally, the profile comes with various useful customizations that people can use to increase the value of their profile.

Mark favorite programs

TiviMate not only helps users connect to their IPTV at home, but also helps them monitor or know in advance which channels are broadcasting programs at a particular time. Every TV channel has a separate broadcast schedule, allowing users to see what content and programs are airing in different time slots. They can bookmark the shows they’re anticipating through this tracking, and the app will automatically notify them whenever they air.

Record your favorite shows

This application does not allow users to see the broadcast, but it can automatically record it while you are away. In advance, you need to specify the programs that the system will record. When it’s time to broadcast, the system will automatically record it and save it in a special folder. Convenient and convenient as it automatically records when the user is inactive during the preview time.


TiviMate allows a user to watch her favorite shows from her IPTV service from home without having to use her TV all the time. In addition, you can stream directly to other output devices to enhance your viewing experience, such as viewing your favorite previously recorded content offline.

What's new

- Fixes and improvements


-Unlocked Premium functionality
-Cut analytics and left requests
-No need to log in to your account
-Not a clone, it will stand on top of the old version


Tested “each logo” for 1 Hr Signed In! on Gen2FS & 3 Non-Android TV Boxes
All Apk’s Are Premium
Fixed Logo Not Showing Up For Those Using A Launcher
Thanks To All Who Tested Much Appreciated!
Easy To Use Launchers In FL 11111111
Mixed Feedback For Some Android TV Boxes Not Showing Logo On Home Screen
It Is Fixed Now “For Some” Android TV Boxes If Don’t Use A Launcher


9 comments on "TiviMate IPTV Player MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)"

  1. streamer123 says:

    Can you crack the newest version 1,9,5?

  2. streamer123 says:

    Can you crack the newest version 1,9,5?

  3. Gary Smith says:

    Please get an app that works on touch screen so I can put this on my tablet and phone.

  4. Gary Smith says:

    Please get an app that works on touch screen so I can put this on my tablet and phone.

  5. Peter zhao says:

    TV guide no function for 2.1.5 verson

  6. sp says:

    i think 2.8.5 if out, if s could you update thisplease if poss,
    many thanks

  7. Metalhead says:

    Please 3.0.1 Version cracked please

  8. nihat says:

    Can you turn on the premium feature of this apk Many places are closed and locked in the settings

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