Truck Simulator PRO 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Are you ready to start the engine and feel the power of huge trucks while driving through the USA? Buckle up and let's build your own transporting business empire!💰
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DeveloperMageeks Apps & Games
Released onFeb 15, 2017
UpdatedOct 10, 2023
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Unlimited Money


Truck Simulator PRO 2 MOD APK is a cool simulator truckers seeking to create their own shipping company. Gamers will be delivered just in time varied cargo moving through US roads. They need time to replenish fuel, try not to get penalties for improper driving, never be late, as well as to study and find more convenient routes. A hiring drivers and purchase of trucks is the first step in business development.

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Containers are waiting for you to control in Truck Simulator PRO 2. Do you like to visit or adventure through beautiful new lands, all of which are in the game for you to experience. Become a real pilot with this unique simulation game. You will be able to explore every part of the country and consider it a tour through beautiful European cities.


In Truck Simulator PRO 2, you promote travel and have to carry out your activities. You will own the trucks provided and players will need to buy a garage and hire drivers for themselves. You can also make more than 30 car sales to make a profit. The game provides players with a business vehicle on which they can build their career.

Enjoy your business by growing it strongly. It will be helpful to develop your own business strategies to get the most profit. Choose for yourself reliable drivers and good vehicles to enrich your business. Being a willing boss of a transportation company is no longer a distant dream. Find your own path into truck sales projects to develop your personal career and thereby make your own trips across Europe.


Players will receive trucks by famous vehicle Manufacturer’s. With the contribution of 7 famous European truck brands, they take players to explore 15 majestic truck models. Although it is a game, Truck Simulator PRO 2 is simulated exactly like real cars. Vehicles designed based on real models will help users have the most realistic appearance and bring players into the experience of driving a real truck.

Virtual keys displayed on the screen is where you control your vehicle. Combine them to prevent your car from colliding with other cars on the road. The screen also displays the vehicle’s speed and time as well as the driver’s fatigue when driving the vehicle. You must drive at the speed limit, otherwise the police will arrest you if you speed or cause an accident. Furthermore, the game also designs maps to guide you on the right route to deliver goods to the right location.


The trucks you use Possession can change shape to your liking. You can customize your car to be more attractive with dozens of different styles. Change the chassis and cockpit for a unique look, or you can change the color to your liking. Players can change everything like lights, exhaust pipes, and steering wheels to create a truly personalized car.

In addition to traveling through beautiful European cities, players always You must manage your business well. Complete over 100 missions of transporting goods from one city to another to grow a huge fleet of vehicles. The coins you collect will help you unlock many new car parts so you can customize them.


Beautiful scenery of famous countries like Germany, Hungary is waiting for you to admire. You will drive around 10 modern European cities with beautiful views of famous roads, cities and monuments. Scenes in Truck Simulator PRO 2 will be simulated as closely as possible to real architectural models. Players will not need to go far but can still travel to beautiful lands on their truck.

When delivering goods, you need to manage speed and time well to receive them. large amount of money. With each scene or truck with sharp graphics, players will discover what is most realistic. Vivid sounds also help attract players.

Become an experienced truck driver in Truck Simulator PRO 2 and enjoy the feeling of owning a transportation company. Get ready to refuel your car and start delivering and admiring the beautiful scenery. Start the engine and buckle up to discover the game’s countless attractions. Owning a game with interesting gameplay, you will experience exciting moments of entertainment.



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