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We are proud to present - Chromatic Tuner & Metronome : Guitar Tuner, Bass, Violin, Ukulele, Banjo, Tuner | DaTuner
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DeveloperPrometheus Interactive LLC
Released onJan 6, 2011
UpdatedMar 11, 2024
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Premium Unlocked


DaTuner has useful features of sound detection and correct results suitable for different purposes when playing music. It helps many subjects tune the strings of each stringed instrument accurately and properly.


Tuner – DaTuner Overview

DaTuner is a very accurate tone recognition application that helps you get accurate results in many cases. This element is great for tuning instruments, especially with a wide range of instruments to choose from. After just a few minutes of tuning, your instrument is in top shape again and you can take the app anywhere with your smartphone.

Application to many benefits for users related to the tools they use such as:

  • They will quickly read the information displayed correctly with the scale shown according to the changed results.
  • An easy-to-understand display when its result turns green helps users tune the instrument’s strings correctly.
  • The number of instruments it owns supports a complete variety that any user will take advantage of because of the exact results it gives.
  • Any user can use the application from beginner professionals because they have musical knowledge corresponding to the instrument.
  • Compatible with many different devices, users can entirely easily use it anywhere they want.

Tune your instrument easily

If you play a stringed instrument, it’s easy to get misaligned, so DaTuner can help you solve this problem. In particular, it perceives the sound with perfect accuracy through the received sound. You can comfortably tune your instrument to suit different listeners. Therefore, long-term use will show its usefulness.

Accessible interface for reading the information

When you start using DaTuner, you will find a completely easy-to-use interface that anyone will feel comfortable using. In particular, it shows the axes with parameters that are always executed when using the axis. This is because the appropriate sounds are recognized to deliver results. Start the voting process as if you were using a dedicated device. You’ll also know if the results we’re providing are suitable for the equipment you’re using.

Display information quickly and accurately

Not only does it display information clearly, but it also helps you tune your strings correctly. Two standard colors should be noted. orange and green. Green is the correct result and the instrument should be adjusted until the desired result is displayed on the screen. At the same time, it also detects the sound of each string type for each instrument and returns the correct green result for vocals.

Different instruments available

One of the great things instrumentalists love about DaTuner is its support for a wide variety of instruments. This means that other stringed instruments can be easily tuned by simply selecting the appropriate option. It comes in handy in many different situations and is especially suitable for beginners and professional players for ease of use.

Convenient to use wherever you want

In addition to the valuable features of readability and accurate results, the free element is something that all users will enjoy.No need to spend any money to experience this application that is convenient and appropriate for today’s smartphone users. At the same time, you can take it anywhere without worrying about forgetting it, and it doesn’t require any configuration. So any user can easily access it.

A suitable range for tuning

If you’re worried about the audio range supported when you turn it on, the app offers an audio range from 8kHz to 48kHz. Just imagine how wide this range is and see how you can tweak the treble.

What's new

Tech should make life easier. This release makes this app run smoother and faster than ever so you can focus on what you’re here to do!



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