Video Merge – Side By Side MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Video Merge APK by Dev Netcomps Android Can merge any Video type, of any resolution.
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DeveloperIris Studios and Services
Released onAug 13, 2015
UpdatedDec 27, 2023
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Premium Unlocked


Video Merge MOD APK allows you to put two videos side by side at the same time, which makes watching them more interesting.

video merge side by side 1

Video Merge helps you make side-by-side videos with two different views at the same time. You can do this with just two taps. Just choose two videos from your gallery, and Video Merge will put them together to make one video with two screens. Now you can record different views of things like shows, sports games, trips, and more, and put the videos together to see both angles at once. Playing two things at the same time can help you be more creative. Quickly see and show your videos from two angles that you made really fast. Video Merge makes it easy to combine videos and watch them side by side at the same time. It helps you create multi-angle content without any limits.

Video Merge makes it easy to put two videos together side by side with just a few taps. No need for difficult editing. Just choose two videos and the app will mix them together to make one video with two screens showing at the same time. Merging different ideas can lead to lots of creative ways of thinking.

One important thing that helps creativity is being able to watch the combined videos at the same time. See two different views of a moment happening at the same time in a combined photo. Record various parts of a jam session. Display both types of alley-oop shots in a basketball game. There are many possibilities.

In addition to the easy way to combine videos, you can see the two videos side by side before sharing them with just a few clicks. Get your work easily and share it with others.

Bringing it all together is an easy 2-step process that doesn’t take much effort. Choose two videos from your collection, then press the merge button to quickly create a new video showing both perspectives at the same time. This means that anyone can easily make videos from different angles.

Video Merge makes it easy to combine videos side by side and play them back at the same time from two different perspectives. This allows people to create multi-angle content and come up with new creative ideas.


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