Waffle KWGT APK (Paid/Full)

This is not a stand alone app. It requires :
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UpdatedDec 13, 2019
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Waffle KWGT is not a stand-alone app. It requires :

KWGT – https://bit.ly/2aJI9wc
KWGT Pro – https://bit.ly/2gNKmrO

How to use it :

1. Download Waffle KWGT along with KWGT and KWGT Pro
2. Long tap on your homescreen and tap on widgets
3. ?Choose a KWGT widget of your desired size and add it to your homescreen
4. Tap on the widget, go to the installed tab and tap on Waffle KWGT
5. Choose a widget of your choice

In case the widget is not of the right size :

1. Open KWGT and select the widget not sized properly
2. Go to the layer tab and adjust it with the scale option given below

What's new

150 Widgets in Total Now!

13 New Widgets
Hundred Thirty Eight to Hundred Fifty

Also we are close to reach 3000 + downloads very soon ! Thanks for the support really appreciate. Please do share and rate the app.


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