Wallcandy - Wallpaper & Widget MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.12.7

Wallcandy – Wallpaper & Widget MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Aug 11, 2020
Dec 30, 2023
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WallCandy is a platform that offers an extensive collection of wallpapers for download. The wallpaper repository has over 10,000 distinct wallpapers available for everyone. The quantity and quality of wallpapers offered on WallCandy are remarkable. Users can be sure that every wallpaper on WallCandy is in Amoled, HD, or 4K resolution and comes in vibrant colors. The wallpapers displayed on the screen are guaranteed to be unique works of art that capture the viewer’s attention.

WallCandy Mod Apk

Huge Collection of Beautiful Wallpapers

The wallpapers available on WallCandy are carefully designed over an extended period by various designers. The wallpapers in the WallCandy collection are all contributed by many different art creators, which creates a wonderful collection of masterpieces due to their varied styles. Thanks to the vast collection, users can easily find suitable wallpaper. The high resolution of each of these photos ensures that the smartphone’s screen will always appear in its most impressive way.

The process of creating a wallpaper involves a lot of work and creativity, from sketching to coloring and applying effects. Therefore, the wallpapers on WallCandy are one-of-a-kind works of art that capture the viewer’s attention.

Choose a wallpaper that you like, tap the download option, then set it as your smartphone wallpaper. Users can customize their device’s home screen and lock screen with any wallpaper. It’s also possible to set two wallpapers as a backdrop if they look good together. Depending on the display quality and artistry of the wallpapers, users can use them for free or require a paid membership to access them. High-quality wallpapers require additional work, but users are happy to download them.

Variety to Choose From

Wallpapers come in different styles and colors, making them limitless creative value for a diverse range of users. The wallpapers on WallCandy come in a variety of colors, from bright and cheerful to deep and sinister. Regardless of gender, there is an excellent selection of device wallpapers that suits your style. Amazing artists create these wallpapers, and male and female artists also work hard to get their work out to users. Determining which wallpaper you like based on your unique taste will help you choose the best option that complements your personality.

Wallpapers Are Constantly Updated

WallCandy regularly updates its wallpapers, giving users access to fresh and exciting wallpapers every day. The app offers a live wallpaper option that refreshes the home screen with a new wallpaper at the beginning of each day. This option provides a little unexpected change to start the day, which is a pleasant surprise. Users need an internet connection to download new wallpapers, but that is pretty easy. The wallpapers change regularly and revert to the previous state when a specific time has elapsed.

Many Extra Features

Users can search for wallpapers using various keywords related to the theme of the wallpaper in the search bar. This feature redirects users to the appropriate wallpaper selection. The app also saves search results and wallpapers that users have viewed, making it easier to access them later. WallCandy is accessible on any mobile device, regardless of screen size. The wallpaper adjusts to being proportional to the screen size of each device. Users can create a library of their favorite wallpapers to use whenever they want.


WallCandy is an excellent platform that provides users with a vast collection of beautiful wallpapers. The wallpapers available on WallCandy are carefully designed by different artists, making them unique and one-of-a-kind. The app offers many features such as a live wallpaper option, a search bar, and a library for users to store their favorite wallpapers. With WallCandy, users can customize their device’s home screen and lock screen with ease.


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