War Robots Multiplayer Battles MOD APK (Menu, Speed, Jump, Dumb Enemy)

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DeveloperMY.GAMES B.V.
Released onAug 26, 2015
UpdatedJan 17, 2024
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1. MOD Menu
2. Speed Multiplier
 // Increase Movement Speed

3. Set Jump Height // Increase Jump Distance
4. No Gravity // Removes Gravity
5. Bots don’t shoot // Bot controlled robots won’t shoot


War Robots Mod Apk is about fighting giant robots in different locations and with different objectives for victory. The player uses the environment to move precisely and hide in visible buildings. Additionally, each weapon has a cooldown, so you can customize the robot’s arsenal you use to diversify your attack tactics.

War Robots MOD APK

Take part in challenging robot battles

When a player joins War Robots, they will see the target element appear at the same time and see that the color of interest is red. The red color indicates the enemy’s position in the area, choose the right attack carefully and approach them carefully. In addition, there are not too many buttons to control the robot, and there are many elements to pay attention to.

The destination is a rough environment, but a building will appear ahead of it, making it easier to dodge enemy attacks. Also, one of the reasons you have to be careful is that each robot can be aimed precisely and its attacks will constantly damage you if you are in range. So you have to move carefully and most importantly, play with your teammates.

Trade with other players

War Robots battles allow players to accompany teammates to take down enemies. Depending on the game mode, the player will try to complete different missions. B. A simple game where you have to collect as many kills as possible. Sure, you can work with your teammates to find ways to quickly take down enemies instead of just being targeted by other enemies.

Various robots and powerful weapons

One of his interesting points that players cannot ignore is that the number of robots players can unlock reaches 50. They have certain stats and striking designs that will appeal to mech-loving gamers. Moreover, these robots are combined with different weapons and the game is equipped with powerful weapons such as missiles and plasma guns. They all have different characteristics that players should be aware of.

Each weapon has a different cooldown and you can’t do anything while it’s on cooldown. As such, being alone in combat poses a certain danger to the player. This means players have to choose the right attack range and hiding place and wait for the weapon’s cooldown to wear off. The player also decides which weapon to use when attaching it to the robot.

What's new

- NEW ROBOT: SHENLOU. The saboteur extraordinaire!
- ULTIMATE EDITIONS. AO MING is back with 4 Alpha Gendarmes!
- New pilots, drone and more!
- Bug fixes and security improvements
- Check the full notes at



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