We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy 5.5.1 MOD APK (Free Purchase)

We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy MOD APK (Free Purchase)

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Nov 2, 2017
Apr 2, 2024
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We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy Mod APK is an idle game with the understandable goal of dominating the world with various jobs. Players will use the resources they have to boost the efficiency of each job.

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We Are the Illuminati: The Conspiracy focuses players on a single goal of world domination and the work they must do to achieve that goal. Players will start by capturing businesses and recruiting many human resources to their side. At the same time, they also use these resources to promote their work operations and continue to open up other jobs that contribute to global domination.


In We Are Illuminati : Conspiracy, players will have an understandable goal of world domination, which is definitely not an easy goal. Therefore, players will gradually find ways to achieve this goal and the game has already determined the suitable paths for you. Your job is to exploit and develop it to a certain level and continue to unlock the next paths. Additionally, players can access idle gameplay.

The first method you will use is to attract businesses with your influence. More specifically, you will have your own company, which will continuously occupy the buildings of other companies and supplement human resources for you to dominate the world. You will see a building jumping over other buildings and making them an occupied target. In addition, you also get an increase in your work efficiency.


Players will find a number of resources in We Are Illuminati: Conspiracy, for example like manpower and diamonds. Regarding human resources, you will use them to improve work performance for world domination and through improvement, you will see more human resources on your side. Then you have enough base to develop your current job and open up new jobs to accelerate the process of world domination.

Things do not stop there when the game gives you some other upgrade elements, and for sure, these upgrade elements will have completely different and diverse effects. Specifically, you can permanently double the number of resources on your side, and the resources you pay for are not cheap at all. In addition, you can also use diamonds to increase the efficiency of each job exponentially, increase execution time, and other interesting effects.

Players will accomplish the goal of world domination by many exciting jobs:

  • Players will experience idle gameplay and start the game by occupying other companies to gather human resources on their side.
  • You will see a building constantly moving to make a building in its path an occupation target, and you will boost its performance.
  • You will use the resources you have to promote the work of this building, and from there, you will see many new people appear to control.
  • To dominate the world, surely players will not use only one way, so players will try to unlock other jobs and continue developing them.
  • The game offers many upgrades with remarkable multiplier effects, and you will carefully choose as they consume many resources.

What's new

Your favorite conspiracy game is new!

You, great master Illuminati, will expand your power of influence, and thus conquer the world!

In this new version, you have:
- Daily missions to earn points with the Illuminati elite and earn even more prizes!
- A new mysterious character that can help you advance faster in your worldwide domination plan.



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