Wordington: Word Hunt & Design MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Hints)

Are you a fan of word games and home renovation games? If so, then Wordington is the perfect word game for you!
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DeveloperQiiwi Games AB
Released onMar 25, 2019
UpdatedMar 5, 2024
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Unlimited Money/Hints

Note: If your progress is stuck at 85% after the first launch of the game, then completely close the game and restart it. 


Are you a fan of word games and home renovation games? If so, then Wordington is the perfect word game for you! Join Emma on a journey to renovate her grandfather’s dilapidated mansion. To do this, you must solve challenging word puzzles. Each word puzzle you solve earns you stars, which you can use to perform tasks in the game and decorate the mansion with new furniture and decorations.

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Wordington is a renovation-themed game in which players renovate Emma’s house and meet new characters with her. You will take the time to complete the renovation using the respective resources and you will see the change immediately. At the same time, you will have to participate in crossword puzzles to earn stars and a certain amount of money. Each resource has a different use.


In Wordington, the player will be accompanied by Emma, ​​traveling to her grandfather’s mansion. His grandfather owned a very large house but it has been abandoned for a long time. So, when you start entering this villa, you will see that its appearance is very ancient and the yard is covered with gold leaf. She is the one who will renovate her grandfather’s house and give it a new, personalized look. This is a goal that will take you a long time to achieve.

You will start cleaning the first items you see and gradually explore the items inside the house. You will observe the character’s actions as he changes the appearance of the house and makes a difference. Besides, you also follow Emma’s story when she comes to this house and meets new characters. The first character you meet is David and more characters will gradually appear in front of you as you complete the game to a certain level.


The player will start with the first character’s job. at Wordington, including clearing fallen yellow leaves and mulching the manor house yard. Of course, in any renovation game you need to have a resource to use, which is gold stars. Each activity will appear in the tasks section, and you’ll see the next task you can complete. So you will continuously make small changes in your home and gradually create a significant change.

Various activities are often as varied as cleaning up some unnecessary things , replace some things with newer things and more. For the first type, after you agree to clean them up, they will disappear soon after and you will see that the place becomes more beautiful. Item switching is based on the player’s decision when receiving three items of the same type but with different properties. This way, you can choose the features you like and adjust them to suit the mansion.


You already know how to use the star in Wordington and How to do Thang; it’s simple because it focuses on crosswords. Your job in this crossword game is to pick up the letters and arrange them to form meaningful words. At the same time you will see the number of related crosswords. This way, you will use the words you create to fill in the blanks in the game and your challenge will go from easy to complex.

If you are facing difficult crosswords because your numbers are limited, players will find an assist feature that helps you unlock a square to reveal a letter. From there you will guess the word you need to create right away, however this tool is not as free as you think because it will cost a certain amount of money. The amount of money you will have to spend on tools will be more than the amount of money you will receive in each level. So choose to use it wisely.

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