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DeveloperCyfer Software
Released onOct 8, 2018
UpdatedDec 8, 2023
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Given a series of images, Zoetic creates a video of the images’ subject changing over time. The subject would typically be:

1. A scene that is fairly static. For example, a landscape where the images depict the changing seasons, or a building construction site that moves from “ground breaking” to the building’s completion.


2. An object against differing backgrounds. The object might be a person, with the images showing the person from birth to as they appear today.


How has your appearance changed over the years? What about your children’s? Your parent’s? Your garden’s? What about the results from the last few, very noisy, months of the construction site at the bottom of the road; from ground breaking to the completion of an upmarket apartment block? If you have the desire to visualise such changes, grab the photos and let Zoetic show you.

In fact, if you can find a very old photograph of a local location (perhaps one that even pre-dates cars!), all you need to do is pop out and take a photograph of the same location and then, just with those two photos, Zoetic will produce a video of the scene transitioning from the good old days to as we are today.

What Zoetic is not

• An image “morpher” which produces unnatural results or requires a great deal of skill from the user.
• An application that requires carefully controlled scenes with identical camera and lighting conditions from one shot to the next. Indeed, the primary motivation for creating Zoetic was to be able to use any available snap-shots.

Zoetic Standard v Pro versions

This is the Pro version. Compared to the Standard (free) version it has no limitations on the number of images that can be processed and the maximum image input and video output resolutions, beyond the limitations that the Android OS and the user’s device might impose. The Pro version includes all currently available Zoetic functionality, such as camera functionality and production of the Extra Videos, and will also have added, at no further cost, any new Zoetic functionality that the author introduces. It is suggested that you try using the free version before purchasing the Pro version to get an understanding of Zoetic’s capabilities.

Further information

Instructions for the use of Zoetic can be found within the app and here:


There are also video instructions and demos of Zoetic on YouTube:


What's new

Fixed: incompatibilities with Android 13 and 14



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