Zombie Shooter Hell 4 Survival MOD APK (Mega Menu)

Zombie Hell 4 takes you back for a ride in hell!
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DeveloperHappy Funny Games
Released onNov 2, 2017
UpdatedMay 9, 2024
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Mod Info

ESP Health
ESP Distance
Silent Aim
Auto Shoot
No Enemy Attack
Unlimited Coin
Unlimited Diamond
Unlimited BluePrint
Unlimited Supplies
Unlock Member Subscription
Unlimited Ammo Box
Unlimited Rank Exp
Max Rank
Unlock All Weapon
Unlock All Badge


Zombie Hell 4 MOD APK takes you back for a ride in hell! Be the last person standing; no zombie will be able to kill you.

Zombie Shooter Hell 4 Survival 1

In the latest installment of the Zombie Hell series, the setting is more grim and desolate than ever before. The once bustling city is now a ghost town, overridden by zombies. The streets, where life thrived, are now silent except for the haunting moans of the undead. As one of the few survivors, you are left to navigate this apocalyptic world, relying heavily on your arsenal of weapons to stay alive. The question isn’t just about surviving but whether you can keep your sanity in this relentless zombie wasteland.

Enhanced Arsenal for Exhilarating Combat

Zombie Hell 4 brings an exciting update to its combat mechanics, promising a more thrilling gunplay experience. The developers have refined the weapons system, ensuring smoother handling and more realistic interactions. Each gun has been visually enhanced, adding an extra layer of immersion to the gameplay. Players can look forward to not only existing favorites but also new additions that will accommodate various playing styles in the future. This focus on dynamic combat ensures that each encounter with the undead is as heart-pounding as the last.

Explore New Horizons in a Post-Apocalyptic World

One of the standout features of Zombie Hell 4 is its beautifully crafted new areas. Thanks to advancements in the game engine, players are treated to stunningly detailed environments. These new settings are not just visually impressive but are filled with unique challenges and secrets to uncover. Enhanced effects and lighting add depth to the game, making exploration a key component of the survival experience. Each location is designed to test your limits and push you to new strategies for survival.

New Enemies: Greater Threats Beyond Zombies

As if the zombies weren’t enough, Zombie Hell 4 introduces an array of new, fearsome creatures to elevate the danger. The desolate landscapes are now home to infected bats and vampiric dogs among other sinister beings. These new enemies come with unique abilities, forcing players to adapt their tactics and stay two steps ahead. The variety and unpredictability of these threats make every moment in the game filled with suspense and adrenaline.

Ongoing Improvements and Community Engagement

Still in its Beta phase, Zombie Hell 4’s development team is deeply committed to enhancing the game experience. They actively seek feedback from the player community to refine gameplay, fix bugs, and introduce novel features. Regular updates are a promise, ensuring that the game continues to evolve based on user input and emerging gaming trends. This proactive approach in game development encourages a strong bond between the players and the creators, fostering a continuously improving gaming environment.

In conclusion, Zombie Hell 4 invites players to once again brave the horrors of a zombie-infested world. With its improved weaponry, breathtaking new environments, and the introduction of even more formidable foes, the game promises to deliver an intense survival experience. Whether you’re a veteran of the series or a newcomer to the saga, Zombie Hell 4 holds a dark adventure filled with challenges and excitement. Will you survive and reclaim some semblance of the world you once knew, or will you succumb to the new depths of zombie hell? The battle for survival is just beginning.

What's new

----Release 1.61 (9 May 2024)
*Fix bug with grenade launcher and special ammo weapons not firing properly.
*Fix bug with crossbow inaccuracy.
*Fix bug with guns not auto reloading.
*Fix bug with guns not starting the level with full ammo.
*Fix bug with lootbox unable to claim reward.
*Fix bug with bullet trace not rendering.
*Fix bug with barrel texture rendering incorrectly.
*Fix bug with shotguns not able to reload.
*Update game engine to latest version.



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