Zombie Hospital MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond) 2.3.2

Zombie Hospital MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Diamond)

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Apr 9, 2023
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Mod Info

1 Unlimited Money
2 Unlimited Diamonds
(never decrease when you spent)


A zombie hospital is a place where you own a hospital and treat a group of people infected with the zombie virus. Develop your strategies for healing and making money. We have to be careful not to have a pandemic in hospitals.

Zombie Hospital Tycoon MOD APK


The world is stunned by the virus outbreak. All the facilities in the city are in ruins, and zombies are devastated everywhere. It transforms many people and infects them with dangerous diseases. When you join Zombie Hospital, you’ll have to come up with strategies to find ways to treat the virus-infected masses of people instead of fighting them. Find a cure to turn zombies back into humans. Are you ready to take care of and heal everyone in this world? Become a hospital lazy tycoon and start your work now.

Main Features

Buy a lot of good products for the room to improve the quality of the hospital

It’s time to realize that something needs to be done to prevent the outbreak and spread of a zombie outbreak in the community. You need to build a hospital facility. This will prevent the virus from entering the zombie hospital world. When participating in this game, you should pay attention to the development and improvement of services in hospitals to improve the quality of care in the best possible way. The first is the drug refining area, which is the best place in the hospital. Players must ensure that all areas, nooks, and crannies of the hospital are always clean. We will always make patients and staff feel comfortable and change the disease for the better. Things to watch out for early in the game. You will have to think through the steps and buy different appliances such as TVs, sofas, and guitars to play by the fireplace to make the hospital more comfortable than your home. Once there, your patient will be happy and rise from the monster within.

Hire a huge staff for various positions, and strategies and fire them if there is a problem

At Zombie Hospital, you can’t do everything yourself and achieve a perfect score. Players can’t manage a hospital and at the same time come up with good strategies to cure illnesses. To be able to carry out hospital treatments more quickly, we need to hire more staff. Make sure the people you hire have specific statuses and skills. Different options are offered depending on the strategy and the contribution of the staff to the hospital. Players can set and fire them in different positions and can be medical staff, scientists, nurses…

Prevent zombies from blowing up dangerous hospitals

Zombies, it’s what scares people and they are also the most dangerous pathogens. You need to distribute the work to everyone so that the zombie hospital patients can be properly treated. Otherwise, you will lose control when they get angry. They can bite entire hospitals and even medical staff are sinister pathogens. Always take your patients strategically and play and feed them properly.

Investing Wisely in Hospital Services When Building Recreational Facilities

All elements of the hospital you own in this game are related to the quality of your utility room. We are confident that investing wisely in hospital services will ensure the safety of everyone, including you. must be maintained. Keep an eye on everything in your recreation area, especially the number of medicines left in your inventory. Everything you have to do in this game is so much fun. Become a hospital monster, get rich and heal patients

Become a hospital tycoon in Zombie Hospital – the best healing simulation game. With all your intelligence and what you have learned in this game, you will become a hospital tycoon in no time. Earn money and get rich quickly. Because the government looks forward to your clinic and is willing to pay you a lot of money if you cure people.


  • Prevent the invasion of zombies by tracking patients, upgrading the labs where potions are made, and purchasing additional items.
  • Hire a variety of employees with different positions for effective healing, assign them to specific tasks and fire them if they make a critical mistake.
  • Strictly manage all aspects of the hospital to avoid causing a significant outbreak, then everyone in the hospital, including staff, can be a source of disease.
  • Invest inward services wisely by using that money to build more entertainment facilities and constantly upgrade medical services.
  • In this simulation game, the government is counting on your clinics, becoming a hospital tycoon, and earning money by healing zombies.

What's new

Dear players! New patch has brought the following changes:
- Improved stability of the game.
- Improved smoothness of the gameplay.



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