Ball Blast: Cannon blitz mania MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

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Released onSep 13, 2018
UpdatedApr 29, 2024
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  • -> Unlimited Gold / Gems / Lives
  • -> Membership Subscription (IAP)


Ball Blast MOD APK is the perfect game for anyone who loves arcade shooting games. You’ll be hooked from the moment you start playing, and you’ll love how easy it is to grow your ship and upgrade your weapons.

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In this game, you’ll face off against a variety of enemies, from small aliens to massive bosses. You’ll need to use all of your skills and strategy to take them down and emerge victorious. One of the unique features of Ball Blast is the ability to play with your friends on Facebook. Join a space team and work together to defeat the enemies and achieve your goals. With each level you complete, you’ll earn diamonds that you can use to buy new ships and upgrade your weapons.

Ball Blast is a game with simple gameplay in which you will control the cannon to destroy rocks of different sizes. They have features that you will identify and avoid to continue leveling up quickly. At the same time, the number of levels in the game is also very diverse and you can encounter more difficult enemies in essential levels. From there, you will have to increase your power with the coins you earn.


The gameplay that players find in Ball Blast is simple Simply because you will control a cannon equipped with wheels that can move freely left or right. You will need to destroy the numbered rocks into smaller pieces until they are destroyed. So this can be said to be a gameplay that any player can access and it will overcome the levels that this game offers.

The control method is very simple when You slide the screen left or right to avoid falling on the ground. land. These rocks all come in many different sizes and their advantage is that they can touch the ground and still bounce in the air. From there, you will need to move precisely to avoid them falling out of your cannon. So you both will shoot and dodge them carefully, and formidable enemies will gradually appear before your eyes.


As mentioned above, Each rock has a different shape and size in Ball Blast, and they will become difficult to destroy in one go after going through several levels of the game. The number on each rock will decrease as you continuously shoot your balls at them. From there, when that number returns to zero, they will break and create smaller rocks that continue to hit the ground and bounce into the air. Therefore, choosing the right target is also essential.

The numbers you can see on each rock will start with tens but will go up to hundreds, you need to be careful. The number and size of the stones will increase, so players will also need impressive all-round dodging skills to get through many of the later levels. At the same time, when you complete a certain level, you will upgrade to a significant level and face terrible bosses with more severe difficulty.

Some bosses will not drop falls to the ground like other regular rocks but will continuously fall to other rocks to attack the player. So you’ll be attacking the rocks they drop as well as the boss until they explode. If the boss explodes, everything related to it will completely disappear with it. It can be said that the important goal that players need to focus on is the boss, and the game will also give you the power to fight powerful enemies.


As mentioned above, you will find rocks in high numbers in Ball Blast so it is impossible to get the base power to fight them. So the game gives you 4 items to upgrade including fire speed, fire power, coins and offline income. The first two factors will be the two you focus on and will help you destroy rocks more easily. In addition, you also need to pay attention to coins because this is a necessary resource to complete upgrades.

So what are you waiting for? Download Ball Blast now and join the millions of players who have already discovered this amazing arcade shooting game. Get ready for endless battles, epic upgrades, and hours of fun!

What's new

- Desert Conquest Upgrade: Introducing new outpost types for an even more thrilling conquest experience amidst the sands!
- Shard System: We're experimenting with a shard system to refine item unlocks, promising a more satisfying gaming journey
- UI/UX Refresh: Dive into a sleeker and more intuitive gaming interface, making your experience smoother and more enjoyable
- Progress Saver: Bugs squashed! Now, everyone can seamlessly save progress to the server, ensuring your adventure is never lost



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