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City Takeover MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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City Takeover MOD APK is a simple and youthful version of the real-time strategy game series. The game is quite tense and despite appearances, every action of the characters is very careful and serious. You will be able to take the form of any animal and your task will be to connect the different structures of the city so that they can be expanded and become even more magnificent.

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City Takeover eventually took over the entire city after forming its region. Players can get a large amount of land made of a variety of colorful tiles. Go through the levels from start to finish to see how well you understand the game, it’s best to keep up with the other players, so speed is important. Before acting passively, experience it yourself, because you don’t know how far your opponent will plow. Providing the fastest ways to develop the city while maintaining good standards. Each building sits on solid foundations and reaches incredible heights.


Since the city is big enough to accommodate your ambitions, you can can build skyscrapers. Using matrix architecture for housing management is a good design choice. High-rise buildings are not easy to fall because they are interconnected. Green and red buildings are gradually being brought into the city. You have taken command of them and are responsible for their routine maintenance. It is planned to build a large metropolis on vast lands.

City Takeover is a simple concept and implementation in which you slide from one building to another to reach to the desired height. Use the blend method and drag and drop it to raise it to the right level. As you progress through the game, you will have more and more opportunities to show off your special abilities. Players are also enthusiastically guided so the method does not surprise them. It’s best to show kindness and emotional understanding, which provides both. You have nimble fingers; you will have to use these fingers to complete this challenge.


Every time you connect the houses together, you can bet on one object perched on a rope. You will rule with them and they will support you as much as possible when things go wrong. Different types of animals such as monkeys, cats, dogs, lions, chickens, rabbits, etc., started appearing in the store. Players start collecting them and building their players. This will also help you have a strong defense against your opponent’s attacks. Because of the bright colors and beautiful shapes, you can’t help but smile when playing one of these players. Helps protect land, increase construction speed, maximize defense and win the war.


Ownership extends to territories Vast territories in the game’s forests, mountains, and even more isolated players. You start building buildings on this land and soon you will have a city. Every aspect of your life, including your professional qualifications, must continually improve, and the best way to do this is to use every resource available. Follow your allies and if necessary, capture enemy territory. You can use the blue and red links to create your matrix. Maximize the city’s development, earn more points and finally face the boss character. Plan your moves according to your chosen playing style and prevent your opponents from understanding your strategy.


City Takeover players are divided into levels based on their overall level. If you want to be successful, you must start from the bottom. As you progress through the levels, you’ll learn more about your fighting style and can apply this information to come up with new, effective methods. You can relax knowing that the only way to grow up is to grow up because the connection with family is maintained until the next level. As you reach higher levels, the towers will fill to capacity and the tower will be taller than you might have anticipated. The numbers on each building represent how many levels you have completed. Complete challenging levels, develop your playing style and stay one step ahead of your opponents.

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