Bowmasters: Archery Shooting MOD APK (Unlimited Coins)

A brand new version of the world-famous multiplayer game with bowmen! See what a hotsy-totsy aim and shoot game Bowmasters has in store for you:
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DeveloperPlaygendary Limited
Released onNov 9, 2021
UpdatedMay 22, 2024
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Unlimited Coins


Bowmasters is a dynamic and very interesting shooting range on the android device. You will choose one of over 31 heroes. And to use his unique super abilities. The main task will be to destroy all the living things that are at your level. Play in different modes in the game, and compete in duels one on one, with your friends or other players. The game has good graphics and clear controls, and the game drags on for many hours of gameplay, join the Bowmasters mod apk!

Bowmasters MOD APK


Humorous and dangerous are keywords unique to Bowmasters, a two-player shooter. This is an opportunity for you and your loved ones to get closer and have fun together. Each character’s gestures, actions, and facial expressions are filled with humorous elements, and you can’t help but cheer. Also, another plus point of the game is its simple gameplay suitable for all ages.


Special mission

Bowmasters is known as a hot point-and-shoot action game. Here is another version fully skinned by Paddler, a world familiar to gamers all over the world. Once in this location, the main action is adventure soup aimed at attacking opponents. Once step 1 is complete, drag and drop your weapon. Your target is parallel characters, not AI. Also in some modes, you will face birds.

Enemy blood is your achievement

Your opponent’s health measures your success. Makes the enemy vomit a certain amount of blood in various parts. As a general rule, the more dangerous the area, the weaker the body and the more blood the person will bleed. The head, in particular, is considered to be the most sensitive area. The reason is that hitting her head quickly drains her health, if not almost completely.

Playground equipment

After choosing a character, the showdown officially takes place. In his two positions far apart he stands two, with some obstacles between them. In particular, the terrain is elevated above the character’s position to conceal enemy actions and strategies. The game ends when one of the two heroes runs out of health, i.e. when that character’s health energy becomes her 0.

Unique rewards

Bowmasters, like many other games, is no exception. After the player wins, he will receive a nice reward. More precisely, the chest will open, revealing hundreds of fascinating toys inside. Each dish has its uses. It is used to beat opponents faster at the next level. To stay undefeated in every game, you must collect and build your most valuable collection.

Fun and different characters

When it comes to Bowmaster, not to mention a unique character system. Here you will be spoiled for choice with over 60 different characters specially designed for you to enjoy. You won’t find two of her the same character as she wears unique outfits and accessories. Moreover, they have their personalities and strengths.

No choice of weapon

Characters come with special weapon systems. It’s always related to and represents a character’s strength. In Bowmasters, players have no right to choose their weapons. This is one of the striking and different things about this game compared to other games in the genre. Each weapon produces a different damage capacity. Notably, the game also offers some tricks. Normally, you would think that the bigger the gun, the higher the combat power, right? But the truth is otherwise. Conversely, if it is too heavy, the throwing power will not increase.

Buy a character with money

To fight the next character, you must defeat the enemy at the previous level. This is the key to accessing and using that power. However, apart from that, you can also purchase characters in stores using virtual currency. This is money earned by winning previous levels. Even an inexperienced beginner can own it for cash.

Select game mode

To keep players from getting bored, the game created and installed more diverse game modes. The mode can be freely selected unconditionally. In particular, you can change the target object. Takes the place of your character’s opponent and participate in a fight with a bird flying in the sky. There is also an option to shoot fruit at the opponent’s head. A common feature of this mode is that they all have predefined times.

Very incredible graphics

Effects and vivid 2D graphics are one of the points that keep players on their feet. In addition to battlefield details painted in bright, fun colors such as earth and trees, his strip of light that appears when throwing weapons also contributes to the enjoyment of the game. The color of the light depends on the weapon. Interesting things can be seen in the facial expressions and movements of the opponent’s limbs when they are hit.

What's new

• SEASON PASS: Complete quests and earn points to unlock unique characters like Kabuto and Shiti, their fatalities, and exclusive locations.
• BLOOD RACE: Engage in Mad Max-style desert car races! Secure 15 victories on a level to claim your reward.
• LUCKY COUPON: Introducing the scratch card! Purchase, scratch, and get bonuses for in-app store purchases.



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