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DeveloperPlaygendary Limited
Released onMay 22, 2018
UpdatedJan 24, 2024
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Unlimited Money/Gold


Get rid of intense stress with Kick the Buddy, which is a fun and casual action game. You can’t guess the special fun in this game. This game is really relaxing and fun to play, but it also has action and interactive features. It has a lot of great elements that make it really enjoyable. Millions of people know about this game and play it for fun, or, players want a hobby to unwind after a long day of work.

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Strong and important parts or features.

Don’t keep your stressors in your mind for a long time. Easily remove them using Kick the Buddy. I bet you can’t understand how fun this game is just by its name. You have to try it yourself to understand how fun and appealing it is. Think of this game as something to help you relax and forget about your tiring work. It has powerful action elements.

This game helps to reduce stress and has lots of fun things to do. What will players do while playing this game. Are they just fighting against many opponents to win. No, they will have the ability to do aggressive actions on a doll and other opponents, slap them and display strength by throwing powerful punches. You can also play games like shooting, closing ice, throwing darts, and sharing God’s power. Specifically, you can keep playing without getting tired.

Reduce anxiety and tension.

The things in Kick the Buddy can lower stress better than anything else. You can do rough things without worrying about hurting the doll, and it shows that you are strong. You are allowed to believe that the doll and the monsters in the game are the reasons why you feel tired. Hit It’s very simple to cause pain to it. Just play the game and do whatever you enjoy doing. By doing this, you will definitely decrease the stress and then the day will begin again.

Mad Mixes

Lots of exciting action and funny things can help you relax and forget about your problems in life. You don’t have to do one thing at a time if you find it boring. Exert all your energy and effort into throwing a powerful punch, or in simpler terms, give it everything you’ve got when creating a series of fast and intense moves. What is a crazy action combo called. Is it fun and makes you laugh a lot. The answer is yes, and you will have even more fun.

Think about how if you keep hitting a doll and shooting it with bullets, it will become weak and your feelings of sadness and pressure will go away. Besides, you have the option to continuously throw darts at the doll and make the car hit it, draining its energy. Don’t be afraid or anxious. You will get a new doll and be able to do even more crazy action combinations.

Realistic physics refers to the accurate representation of how objects move and interact in the real world.

What exciting things are waiting for you in Kick the Buddy. Have you found and enjoyed the special features we offer. Over 3 million people have tried it and love the special things we offer. When you play this game, you can do actions that feel like real life. Bring the doll to a small area and poke it with a close-range weapon, or you can place it in a big gun and shoot it far away.

Choose a tool or object to use as a weapon.

If you feel stressed after a long day of work, it can make you happy to talk to a pet or play an action video game. In the game, you might think of the doll as something that helps relieve your stress. Hurt someone, hit them, and do a lot of exciting things with them. It’s best to pick a weapon you like and begin fighting.

Lots of weapons.

When you play our game, you will have a lot of fun and feel calm. No object or animal will allow you to hit, kick, or hurt it. You can do all the things you like with the doll and items in Kick the Buddy. There is no time limit and you can do whatever actions you want on them. You have many options of weapons to choose from. There are many different kinds of guns, cannons, and darts that are made very carefully and look nice.

Ending the lives of all beings

It would be fantastic if you can be your true self while playing this game. You are allowed to do more fun activities. And most importantly, you will use your power to overcome the boss. In simpler terms, you will be responsible for defeating all the monsters in this game. You will get rid of everything and break the things that make you worn out. You can only do that in this game. No matter who you are, come join this game and have lots of relaxing fun.

What's new

We are ready to make your game experience even greater. Bugs are fixed and game performance is optimized. Enjoy.



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