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Thanks to augmented reality, use your smartphone camera to draw a virtual tape measure / ruler over the real world. Sketch a floorplan of a room as your would do with a real tape measure / ruler.
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DeveloperTasmanic Editions
Released onNov 6, 2018
UpdatedMay 22, 2024
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  • Premium features unlocked;
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Cam To Plan MOD APK, use your smartphone camera to draw a virtual tape measure / ruler over the real world. Sketch a floorplan of a room as your would do with a real tape measure / ruler.

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In the era of technological advancements, traditional measuring tools like tape measures and rulers are being replaced by innovative applications that leverage the power of smartphone technology. One such app is Cam To Plan MOD APK, which transforms your smartphone camera into a virtual measuring device, allowing you to sketch floor plans and measure distances with ease.

Utilizing Your Smartphone Camera as a Tape Measure

Cam To Plan MOD APK introduces a novel concept where users can employ their smartphone’s camera to overlay a virtual tape measure or ruler onto the real world. This feature enables precise measurements of rooms or spaces, mimicking the functionality of a physical tape measure or ruler. Whether you need to take horizontal or vertical measurements, this app provides a comprehensive solution, making it an ideal tool for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Sketching Floor Plans with Ease

One of the standout features of Cam To Plan MOD APK is its ability to let users sketch floor plans as they would with traditional measuring tools. This app simplifies the process by projecting a virtual tape measure onto the camera’s viewfinder, allowing for accurate tracing of spaces in 2D. The sketched plans can then be exported in 3D format (dxf), offering a seamless transition from measurement to design.

Bid Farewell to Physical Measuring Tools

With Cam To Plan MOD APK, the days of fumbling with tape measures or rulers are over. This measurement app not only facilitates quick and precise length or distance measurements but also calculates the surface area of any space automatically. This feature is particularly useful for interior designers, architects, and anyone involved in renovation or construction projects.

Measure Anything with a Tap of Your Screen

The app’s user-friendly interface displays a tape measure or ruler directly on your smartphone screen, enabling you to measure virtually anything in sight. Whether you’re measuring the dimensions of furniture, the height of a room, or the width of a doorway, Cam To Plan MOD APK offers unparalleled convenience and accuracy.

The Ultimate Digital Ruler

This camera measurement app is set to become the go-to tool for anyone in need of a reliable measuring solution. With features that surpass traditional tape measures, rulers, laser telemeters, and digital laser meters, Cam To Plan MOD APK is the ultimate ruler for the modern age. Its augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) capabilities provide an immersive measuring experience, ensuring precise results every time.

Customize Your Measurements

Users have the flexibility to choose their preferred measuring units, including inches, feet, yards, and meters, catering to different regional preferences and project requirements. This customization extends the app’s usability, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of applications.

No Need to Move Furniture

A common challenge in measuring spaces is the obstruction of furniture or other objects. Cam To Plan MOD APK overcomes this by allowing users to measure hidden floors or walls without the need to remove furniture. This feature saves time and effort, making the measuring process more efficient.

Powered by Google ARCore

The app’s functionality is underpinned by Google ARCore, a platform that enables augmented reality experiences in Android apps. This technology ensures that the virtual tape measure is accurately aligned with the real world, providing users with reliable and precise measurements.

In conclusion, Cam To Plan MOD APK represents a significant leap forward in measuring technology, offering a convenient and efficient alternative to traditional measuring tools. With its innovative use of smartphone technology and augmented reality, this app is poised to become an essential tool for anyone involved in design, renovation, or construction projects. As we continue to embrace digital solutions in our daily lives, apps like Cam To Plan MOD APK demonstrate the potential for technology to simplify complex tasks, making them more accessible and enjoyable for users worldwide.



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