Camera Auto Timestamp MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Have you ever wondered why your built-in camera does not have an option to put timestamp on your photos? Wonder no more! This app will automatically print timestamp on your photos as you take them with your built-in camera.
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Released onJan 30, 2016
UpdatedMar 2, 2023
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Camera Auto Timestamp MOD APK will automatically print timestamps on your photos as you take them with your built-in camera.

Camera Auto Timestamp

The Importance of Camera Auto Timestamp: Benefits, Drawbacks, and How to Use It


In photography, accurate timestamps are essential to keep track of events and organize photos. Camera auto timestamp is a useful feature that automatically stamps the date and time on photos when they are taken. In this article, we will discuss how auto timestamp works, its benefits and drawbacks, and how to use it.

How Auto Timestamp Works

The auto timestamp is a feature that is built into digital cameras. It uses the camera’s internal clock to record the date and time when a photo is taken. Some cameras also offer the option to choose different types of timestamps, such as time of capture or time of printing.

Benefits of Camera Auto Timestamp

Auto timestamp offers several benefits for photographers. Firstly, it makes it easy to organize photos chronologically, helping you to remember the events or occasions when the photos were taken. Secondly, it can be useful for legal or official documentation, such as evidence in court cases. Thirdly, it helps photographers track the time of day when they take their best shots, which can be valuable information for planning future photography sessions.

Drawbacks of Auto Timestamp

One of the drawbacks of an auto timestamp is an inaccuracy, which can occur if the camera’s clock is set incorrectly. This can result in photos being stamped with the wrong date and time. Another concern is privacy, as sharing photos online with timestamps can reveal personal information about the photographer, such as their location and routine.

How to Use Camera Auto Timestamp

Using auto timestamps on your camera is easy. First, locate the timestamp settings in your camera’s menu. From there, you can select the type of timestamp you want to use and turn the feature on. It’s also important to make sure that your camera’s clock is set correctly to ensure accurate timestamps.

Pro Features

★ Add your custom date/time format.
★ Choose a text color – any color you want.
★ Choose a text size – automatic or choose your size.
★ Add custom text above the date/time stamp.
★ Text outline – make your text more visible when the text color is similar to its background color.
★ Text location – lower left corner, lower right corner, upper left corner, and upper right corner.
★ Text margin – automatic or custom.
★ Choose from many text fonts
★ Geostamp – include the location of the photo (optional)


Camera Auto Timestamp is a useful feature for photographers, offering benefits such as organization, legal documentation, and tracking the time of day for the best shots. However, it’s important to be aware of the drawbacks, such as inaccuracy and privacy concerns. By following the tips for using an auto timestamp, photographers can take advantage of this useful feature to enhance their photography experience.


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