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YOU control what happens next in Choices’ immersive visual stories. Customize your hair, outfits, and character look. Fall in love, solve mysteries, and embark on epic fantasy adventures. Choose your story from our constantly growing library with weekly chapter updates!
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Released onAug 17, 2016
UpdatedApr 26, 2024
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Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK has the world’s best collection of story games! One decision can change everything! Featuring romance, drama, horror, and more.

Choices Stories You Play MOD APK

So today I am going to write and cover all of the topics and errors which you guys face while using Choices MOD APK. Since you are using Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK for a long time and you are addicted to this game and its MOD Features Like Free Premium Choices, Premium Outfits, and VIP Account for Free. You might be facing some issues and errors so we will be talking about why this happened and how to fix these issues.

Basic Information about Choices Stories You Play:-
It’s a Text-based story game where your choices matter. You will be playing as some characters and following their stories. What you have to do here is take the decisions of that particular character and it determines the outcome of the story which you are reading. Choices Stories You Play is the most downloaded text-based story game available on the play store.

Easily SafeGuard your Choices MOD Save Using Facebook:-

Since you are using MODDED APK so you will have no chance to connect it to google play game and save you save the game but you can use Facebook for it. Here is how. First, you have installed MODS APK right now you need to connect it to Facebook and I Assume you already have a Facebook App Installed Right? well, When you have Facebook App Installed and try to connect your Facebook Account with Choices you will face errors. But if you uninstall Facebook App and then try login you will be successful in it. And your FB account will be added and your save profile is now saved. Now you can Install Facebook App again and use it normally.

Note:- If you have a Pre-Installed Facebook App then you can not uninstall it right. Well, You can still disable Facebook App from Phone Settings>Applications>Manage APPs>Facebook>Disable App. When you are done connecting it you can simply enable your FB App again.

Choices MODS and MOD Features:-

Since it’s a freemium game so there are plenty of ways in which you will need to pay using IAP but by downloading Choices MODS you will have access to choose Premium Stories for Free which means unlimited Diamonds and also you will have Premium Outfits unlocked and a VIP Account with it. Some VIP Perks are server-sided and this is the reason why you face such errors. I’ll explain the errors and fixes now.


1) I have an Older Version of Choices MODS now How Can I Update it?
Ans:- Since you have downloaded our Choices MODS you will have to come back to this page and get the latest updated MOD APK and simply install the Latest Version MOD APK over your installed Old Version of the game. (No Need to uninstall Old Version)

2) I am facing a Version Conflict Error in Choices Games while using MOD APK.Ans:- Choices is an online game so there are two sides to it first is the game client which is installed on your phone and another one is a server that is stored online on choices servers. Now I assume you are using VIP APK and you want to use Unlimited Keys of Choices MODS but the problem is you do not have unlimited keys on the server, it showing infinite keys on your game client so if you are trying to play Books but you do not have keys then you will face Version Conflict errors while playing Books in Choices. So just wait for the Keys Replenish and you will be able to play it again. I recommend you kindly play using NON-VIP MOD APK. Because NON-VIP MOD Features are all related to game clients and do not affect server features.

Note, FAQs:-
1) How to Play VIP Books in Choices Stories you play.
Answer:- You have a Choices Stories You Play VIP APK but the books strings are server-sided so you can not play VIP Books for now. Maybe in the future if I manage to do it ill post it here.
I have tried to cover all the problems and fixes so if any of your friends need some help regarding this then please share this post with your friends and ask them to read it properly.

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