CK47 Pro [4K Recorder] APK (Paid/Full) 2021.14

CK47 Pro [4K Recorder] APK (Paid/Full)

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May 14, 2021
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CK47 Pro is a video recording app supporting 4K video and pro features as well as many more to get the most out of your Android Camera.

Google Advisory: Due to adjusted work schedules at this time, we are currently experiencing longer than usual review times. Please expect review times of 7 days or longer.

As of Android 9, most OEM versions and Custom ROMs silently fail or crash when recording to OTG or a secondary SD card. Currently trying to find workarounds.

The website will be up and down due to host server migration issues, looking at hosting alternatives.

Features in this version (for supporting devices) :

• Record in 720p/1080/2K/UHD/4K and other video resolutions.
• Record high-speed video to create slow-motion clips (on supported devices).
• Record timelapse videos in supported video resolutions.
• Allows importing custom video profiles.
• Includes various video profiles (eg. flat, log, square root, linear,srgb, etc…).
• Save video to external OTG devices or addon sd-cards.
• Manual Exposure, zoom, and focus controls.
• Video Bitrates from 1Mbps to 200Mbps.
• Hardware Video Noise reduction.
• Hardware Edge contrast support.
• Hardware White balance control.
• Various grid overlays.
• Various aspect mark overlays.
• Device orientation level display.
• Audio monitor bar (two styles, LED bar or full bar).
• Listen to an Audio monitor via headphones.
• Separate HW optical and eis video stabilization options.
• Video frame rates starting at 24fps and up.
• AB Shutter 3 remote trigger support.
• Right and Left handed button controls.
• Supports geo-tagging video with GPS coordinates.
• Supports timer recording start times of up to 30 seconds.
• Software filters (log/slog/slog2/dynamic/flat/rec709, b&w/cobalt/gold/sepia, sharpness, blur, denoise).
• Experimental features include 2 axis software stabilizer, chroma
aberration SW filter, and SW focus peak.

CK47 Pro Notes:

• Supports Camera2 Limited API or better devices.
• Will work in a limited capacity with legacy hardware devices.
• The software filters require a powerful GPU to function, this may not work properly on all devices.
• Supported recorder video resolutions are device dependent.
• Some devices report support for resolutions but fail to record due to issues with HW media codec/muxer.
• Some options are device dependent and will be disabled when unavailable.
• Some devices won’t support all available Camera2 API options or misreport support.
• Devices that don’t support stereo will generate mono left and right audio channels when recording in stereo.
• Some devices won’t support all encoder options.
• Some devices treat encoder video framerates as suggestions.
• Most devices use variable framerates when encoding.
• Due to Android and OpenGL limitations only hardware video profiles work in High Speed recording mode.
• On some devices when setting location permission to never allow will cause you to subsequently always manually enable it in settings -> app -> CK47 Pro -> permission.
• The whole encoder subsystem is independent of the application and is implemented by the device manufacturer.
• Remote shutter uses volume key ids as trigger keys so using the volume will trigger recording.
• To enable remote shutter usage enables the “Record with Volume Keys” option.
• The app doesn’t contain any tracking, ads, or analytics software.
• Reviews are not read by the developer, contact through the website for support.
• App support is available only in English.

What's new

* Added aces/filmic style filters (used as prefilter for sw mode, post filter for hw mode), provides curve similar to unity engne and other apps as baseline.
* Added face detection for focus and metering. Displayed rectangle is an approximation of the sensor data. On some camera sensors the rectangle may not always translate to the correct position especially if the face is at the edge of the display.
* Added native file dialog for newer androids.
* Minor fixes.


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