Clap To Find My Phone MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Clap to Find My Phone is a free app that enables you to find your device by clapping. This app is very useful when you forget where you have kept your phone. It provides Features like a flashlight on call, flash alert on notification & SMS, SMS & Caller name talker, call blocking, Battery level alert and PIN protection.
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DeveloperBackground Changer Eraser & Booth Photo Editor
UpdatedJun 2, 2023
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Premium Unlocked


The Clap to Find My Phone app is useful for people who often forget where they put their phone and waste time searching for it. The app helps you find your phone by clapping and using special technology that listens for the sound. This feature helps people find their phones easily and also use extra features of the app.


Different ways to creatively locate your phone.

The Discover My Phone option helps you find the “clap to find” feature settings. There are four labels you can use. You can clap or whistle to find something. There is also a label that says not to touch something and another one for pocket mode. You can change and control how Find My Phone works by going to the settings menu. The other choice lets you pick a sound warning. You can pick a new sound for your phone by choosing “Choose tone from phone” button. First, select one of the three ringtones already on your phone.

Set how the phone can send its location.

You can make your phone flash and shake when you get a new text or call by choosing the right setting. The thing has two buttons. One is for calling people and the other is for sending and getting messages. You can change how often the blinking happens, turn off notifications, choose how many times it blinks, and decide how it blinks. They can pick ways to find their phones using flashes or sounds from wherever they are, depending on what they like.

Stop the calls from coming in to avoid being bothered.

The app called Clap to Find My Phone can block calls from specific phone numbers. You can add these numbers to a list within the app. You can either do it yourself or choose the number from your contacts, giving you time to relax. The call-blocking feature can stop unwanted phone calls. It can be adjusted in different ways and you can also get more ideas to make sure your phone stays quiet. Additionally, users can activate the feature to locate their phones by clapping, which makes it easier to find them.

You can find out the name of the person calling or texting you with a tool called Name Announcer for Calls and Texts. You can change things like the beginning and endings of words, and choose how fast your text messages are spoken to you.

Change the sound to fit your personal preferences.

You can change the sound on your phone when you plug it in or unplug it from the charger, and when the battery is running low. If the battery gets too low, a warning message is sent to the user. You can keep your phone safe by setting a special code (PIN) even when it’s getting charged. Your phone has a feature called “Don’t Touch” that makes a noise if someone else touches it. You can adjust how loud your phone is, set a special code to unlock it, and add a flash to unlock option for extra safety.



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