Colorize Images MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 4.0.68

Colorize Images MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Colorize Images
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Apr 30, 2019
Oct 20, 2023
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Mod Info

★ Premium / Paid features Unlocked
★ Ads methods nullified
★ Ads visibility disabled
★ .source attributes of the corresponding java files removed
★ All Debug code removed


Colorize Images MOD APK is an automatic Machine Learning based service to colorize black and white, grayscale, or night vision photos.

Colorize Images MOD APK

Automatic Colorization of Black and White Photos with Colorize Images MOD APK

Colorize Images MOD APK is an innovative machine learning-based app that provides an automatic colorization service for black and white photos. With this app, users can transform their black and white, grayscale, or night vision photos into color images with just a few taps.

How Does Colorize Images MOD APK Work?

Black and white photos are void of color information, making it difficult to accurately colorize them. However, Colorize Images MOD APK is trained using machine learning algorithms that enable it to predict the appropriate colors for the photos. While the app’s algorithm is not context-specific, it can still generate stunning and lifelike colors for the images.

Using Colorize Images MOD APK

The app is incredibly user-friendly, and black and white photos can be selected from the device’s gallery or shared from other applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Chrome, or Google Photos. Once the photo has been selected, the app processes it using GPU servers to generate the colored image. The colorized image is then sent back to the device and can be saved to the gallery or shared via other apps.

Free vs. Subscription

Users can enjoy the app for free by watching ads, which can occasionally interrupt the colorization process. Alternatively, users can subscribe to the app to enjoy an unlimited number of colorizations without interruptions during the subscription period.

Factors That Affect the Quality of Colorized Images

The quality of the source image can significantly affect the quality of the colorized image. Therefore, it is essential to have a good-quality photo with good contrast, focus, and correct orientation. However, even photos that do not meet these criteria may still produce excellent colorized images, and some preprocessing such as contrast correction or sharpening can improve the result.

The Advantages of Using Colorize Images MOD APK

Colorize Images MOD APK offers several advantages over traditional photo editing apps. The app uses machine learning to automatically generate colors for black and white photos, saving users the time and effort required to manually colorize images. Furthermore, the app’s GPU servers provide fast and efficient processing, enabling users to get their colorized images quickly.


Colorize Images MOD APK is an excellent tool for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their black-and-white photos. The app’s machine learning algorithms provide fast and accurate colorization, while the user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just looking to colorize old family photos, Colorize Images MOD APK is a great option to consider.

What's new

* minor fixes
* improved transfer speeds in some regions

* new colorization model released

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