Dead Target: Zombie Games 3D MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

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Released onJun 16, 2014
UpdatedNov 24, 2023
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Mod Info

Unlimited Money


The DEAD TARGET Mod APK makes the player the lone agent left to fight the zombie town. Using your skills and clever dodges, you must shoot down zombies, rescue your teammate Agent M, and collect secret messages to save the city.



DEAD TARGET is a top-notch shooter with a zombie-infested city simulation. Life and death are decided by your shooting genius in this intense survival arena. It is your mission that you need to survive and find a way to escape from the zombie city. The appeal of this game is the immersive experience with sharp graphics and sound that transforms you into a character in the game and fights all kinds of zombies in the devastated landscape of a ruined city that has been killed by a zombie army.



At the start of the game, the context will gradually appear. A desolate, dark city with many river corpses floating everywhere. This is the result of MZ Corporation betraying the treaty and starting a zombie epidemic in the city only to force the president into submission. Players become agents of a detachment sent to destroy the undead.

However, the zombie army defeated the entire team. Just you and Agent M. Look closer, look closer, find a way to kill zombies and escape from the city. Are you ready to start playing right away?!


Have you ever felt intimidated but still wanted a challenge? In DEAD TARGET you have to hide from zombies and shoot them to find an escape route. Additionally, the player needs to gather more information to inform the army waiting for reinforcements.

The only remaining teammate, Agent M, is also in danger and must find a way to save him, so the player is left alone in every situation. Players experience excitement and thrills before the peace of the city and the lives of themselves and their teammates. It is interesting!

Become the strongest and save the city

The beautiful city turned into a dingy city by his MZ, and the infected people turned into zombies. Zombies are hiding in every street, wall, or hidden corner. Walk carefully, explore, and shoot down walls and buildings to avoid zombie attacks. There are hidden points in the city with secret messages and practical intelligence to save the city. The more secret messages you find, the faster your city will return to its previous state.

The DEAD TARGET’s graphics and design also stand out compared to current shooters. Abandoned city scenes, buildings, walls… just the exterior, but already very attractive to the player.

Zombies and weapons change depending on the level. There are different types of zombies: small, big, blue, gray, etc. Depending on the type, you will receive additional bonus points. Weapons are also divided into many types. The first uses the most common types of weapons. As you kill zombies and earn bonus points, use those points to upgrade your weapons to make them more powerful.

Connect your game account with other social accounts to play games with your friends. Let’s see who can become Top Agent and save the city!

Key Features

  • Hand control series and shoot down zombies.
  • Zombies may be hiding in buildings, walls, etc., so be very careful, can shoot down walls or buildings to kill zombies
  • After shooting down zombies, you will get bonus points. Use it to upgrade weapons. The better the weapon, the easier it will be to kill zombies.
  • Collecting secret messages for military intelligence and rescuing agent M is also your duty.
  • Connect with friends to climb the top of the best agents together.


Can you safely leave the zombie city, rescue your teammates and find the secret to inform the army? Your shooting ability and clever hiding will determine all. Try to play DEAD TARGET now and be the winner!!



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