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Earz Solo is the most fun and comprehensive music lesson app in the world, from beginner to expert.
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January 24, 2021
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Earz Solo is the most fun and comprehensive music lesson app in the world, from beginner to expert. Learn to read notes, recognize rhythms, chords and instruments and much more – in the form of endless quizzes and exercises. Complete, without in-app purchases!

Earz Solo is the only music app that teaches you all the theory and hearing of music. Just from home, on the bus or any other place or moment you want. Suitable for all styles of music; from classical to pop and jazz!

With the app you learn and practice these skills on three levels:
– Recognize chords
– Recognize instruments
– Recognize styles
– Recognize intervals
– Write out melodies
– Read notes
– Write out rhythmic patterns
– Recognize scales
– Learn music theory
– Tones: recognize basic music principles such as high/low, long/short and loud/soft
– And more!

You can indicate what instrument you want to hear in quiz questions and examples. The app is optimized for piano, guitar, viola, cello, double bass, bassoon, flute, harp, oboe, horn, clarinet, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin en xylophone!

Earz Solo is the music lessons app for beginners, with quiz questions such as…
– What instrument do you hear?
– How many beats are in a three-four time?
– What does forte mean?
– Put the notes at the correct height

But Earz Solo also offers music lessons for advanced students and experts:
– Put the rhythmic elements in the correct order on the stave
– Do you hear a dominant seventh or a major seventh chord?
– How long does the pictured note last?
– What scale do you hear?

– The most comprehensive app to learn music
– Choose your instrument
– 10 different components
– 3 different skill categories each with dozens of levels
– Start at your own level, or:
– Go from beginner to advanced to expert
– Practice mode to play quizzes without scores
– Continue playing where you left off
– View the theory and wiki at each quiz component
– Keep your score and receive rewards for your progress
– Compare your score to that of the rest of the world!
– Integrated help with mini-keyboard and metronome
– Choice from C D E-notes or do re mi
– Choose your favorite key
– Available in Dutch, English, German and Spanish

Want to try it out first? Download the free ‘Earz’ app and press demo.

Earz Solo is the most fun app to follow music lessons with at home. You teach and quiz yourself in a variety of ways. Are you a (music)teacher? Try the Earz app and create your own curriculum for students.

Do you have ideas on how to improve Earz Solo or make it more fun? Send an email to info@earz.eu.

Have fun!

What's new

Improvements in rhythm and melody module.



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