Elegant Teleprompter MOD APK (Ad-Free Unlocked)

Elegant Teleprompter helps people who want to speak fluently in front of cameras. It is an autocue app that is extremely helpful for broadcasters. Can be used in presentations and public speaking. Musicians and singers can use it for reading lyrics. You can also use this application for speed reading.
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DeveloperAyman Elakwah
Released onMar 6, 2019
UpdatedJan 21, 2023
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Elegant Teleprompter MOD APK is an autocue app that is extremely helpful for broadcasters. Can be used in presentations and public speaking. Musicians and singers can use it for reading lyrics. You can also use this application for speed reading.

Elegant Teleprompter

Elegant Teleprompter is an autocue application designed to empower individuals to speak fluently in front of cameras. Whether you’re a broadcaster, presenter, musician, or public speaker, this tool is crafted to meet your needs. It seamlessly assists in presentations, public speaking engagements, and even speed reading. Musicians and singers can utilize it to read lyrics effortlessly.

Versatile Floating Window Feature

One of the standout features of Elegant Teleprompter is its “Floating Window” functionality. This allows you to use it alongside any other application on your device, making it incredibly versatile. For instance, you can run it simultaneously with your camera app to record videos or read scrolling scripts while live streaming on Facebook or Instagram. The floating window is highly flexible, enabling users to move and resize it according to their preferences.

User-Friendly Scrolling Text

Elegant Teleprompter provides scrolling text that can be created directly on your mobile device or imported from your Google Drive. The app is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, ensuring that even first-time users can navigate it with ease.

Key Features

1. Mirror Text

  • Allows you to mirror the text for use with a teleprompter device.

2. Import Text

  • Import scripts directly from your device’s storage or Google Drive.

3. Bluetooth Remote Support

  • Control the teleprompter remotely via Bluetooth, making it convenient during video recordings.

4. Adjustable Scrolling Speed

  • Modify the scrolling speed to match your speaking pace.

5. Customizable Text Size

  • Adjust text size for optimal readability.

6. Line Spacing Adjustments

  • Change the line spacing to suit your reading preferences.

7. Adjustable Script Width

  • Modify the width of the scrolling script to fit your screen.

8. Center Focus

  • Highlight the center of the script to enhance visibility.

9. Shortcut Keys

  • Assign shortcut keys to specific actions for quick and easy control.

10. Progress Bar

  • A progress bar allows you to monitor or adjust your position within the script.

11. Default .txt File App

  • Set Elegant Teleprompter as the default application for .txt files on your device.

12. Script Sorting

  • Sort your scripts by date or name for easy access.

13. Specific Settings per Script

  • Customize settings like speed, line spacing, text size, focus, and width for each individual script. This feature is particularly useful for musicians and singers.

14. Loop Option

  • Enable looping so that the script starts over automatically after reaching the end.

15. Center Text Horizontally

  • Align the text horizontally at the center for a neat appearance.

16. Tap to Play/Pause

  • Start or pause the scrolling text with a simple tap.

17. Multiple Script Selection

  • Select multiple scripts simultaneously for easy deletion.


Elegant Teleprompter is an indispensable tool for anyone who needs to deliver speeches or performances seamlessly. Its versatile features, including the floating window and customizable settings, make it ideal for broadcasters, musicians, and public speakers alike. The app’s user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can easily navigate and utilize its full potential.

Whether you’re delivering a keynote speech, recording a video, or simply practicing speed reading, Elegant Teleprompter is your reliable companion for flawless delivery.

What's new

- Font customization
- Extra remote functionality
- Prevent ads from taking the fullscreen for better user experience



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