eWallet – Password Manager APK (Patched/Full)

No subscription fee! Now includes updated Biometric features, allowing a wallet to be unlocked using a fingerprint, iris scan, facial recognition, or something similar, based on the device being used.
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DeveloperIlium Software
Released onDec 12, 2011
UpdatedMay 21, 2024
SizeVaries with device
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eWallet – Password Manager that has been patched Install the most advanced and easy-to-use password manager app on your Android smartphone or tablet to protect your passwords, credit cards, and bank account information with military-grade encryption and take them with you everywhere you go. eWallet® is a powerful smartphone and tablet software that helps you stay secure, strong, smart, and organized.

eWallet - Password Manager Patched APK

There is no charge for membership! Biometric features have been upgraded, allowing a wallet to be unlocked using a fingerprint, iris scan, face recognition, or anything similar, depending on the device.


If you don’t use safe passwords, your digital life is at risk, but due to eWallet, you don’t have to worry about carrying important information in your pocket. This powerful security tool allows you to save passwords on the go, allowing you to log in to your bank account, store credit card and PIN information, and lock your online life while still having full and unrestricted access anytime you want it.


eWallet is as handy as it is robust, with complete cloud or local full Wi-Fi synchronization (and backup) of your encrypted “wallets” between Android smartphones and desktop PCs utilizing the extra PC version (available separately). Take a look at some of its standout features below, and learn more at https://iliumsoft.com/ewallet.

eWallet - Password Manager apk

eWallet Full FEATURES:

* 256-bit military-grade AES encryption
* Biometric scanner (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scan) support for secure yet convenient access on compatible devices
* Includes Dark Theme (aka Dark mode)
* Sync your data seamlessly over the cloud (Dropbox) or via Wi-Fi with eWallet’s PC or Mac versions (purchased separately)
* Random password generator to keep your login details safe and secure
* Store bank account, insurance, and personal details. Keep all your info close at hand, and secure
* Auto-locking feature
* Create and sync multiple wallets between computers and devices
* Customize your wallets with great-looking cards, backgrounds, and categories
* AutoPass automatic password entering through built-in browser control

Ilium Software has over 23 years of mobile security software experience and is trusted by more than half a million users around the world to deliver the most comprehensive, user-friendly solution to personal data security. Don’t risk being without eWallet.

eWallet 8 requires Android OS 5 or higher.

What's new

* Fixed issues with OneDrive tokens expiring
* Fixed a sync setup issue with local Wi-Fi sync
* Other miscellaneous fixes and enhancements



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