Flash Alerts on Call and SMS MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS The flash will blink when mobile phone receives a Call, Message or Notification of all apps. Very useful to help you not miss Call, sms in dark night even mobile phone is in Vibrate or silent
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DeveloperFlash Team
Released onOct 27, 2015
UpdatedAug 22, 2023
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Flash Alerts on Call and SMS MOD APK enhances user experience by providing a feature where the flash on the mobile phone will blink to notify the user of incoming calls, messages, and notifications from all apps.

Flash Alerts on Call and SMS

This innovative feature not only helps users stay informed but also adds an element of convenience and efficiency to their everyday communication experience. With this app, users can easily stay on top of their notifications without having to constantly check their phone, making it a valuable addition to their mobile device. It is extremely beneficial to have a tool that can alert you to missed calls and messages during nighttime hours when your mobile phone is set to vibrate or silent mode. This feature ensures that you stay connected and informed even in low-light conditions, preventing you from missing important communication.

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Enable the LED flash feature to receive visual notifications on your mobile phone when it is on silent or vibrate mode. It is simple to modify the speed of the flashing light, allowing for the frequency of the blinking to be either slow or fast.

One can install applications for making phone calls or sending text messages on their mobile phone, as well as installing other various applications or software. This allows individuals to personalize their device and access a wide range of functionalities to enhance their mobile experience. By installing different applications, users can cater to their specific needs and preferences, making their mobile phone a convenient and versatile tool for communication and productivity.

To conserve battery power, utilize the Turn Off function when your device’s battery is low. This feature allows you to customize the brightness settings to automatically turn off or on based on the battery level. By implementing this strategy, you can prolong the battery life of your device and ensure that it lasts longer between charges. This feature not only helps save battery power but also ensures that your device remains functional even when the battery level is low. By making simple adjustments to the light settings, you can optimize battery usage and enjoy a longer-lasting device.

One has the option to schedule the activation of the Flash alert at a specific time. One can easily deactivate the flashing blink feature using the power button, volume up, or volume down keys.

What's new

- Fix issue on Android 13
- Remove some ads
- Fix issue feedback from user


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