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Large Folders makes your phone’s launcher home screen easy to navigate by organizing apps into one Large Folder and quickly accessing the corresponding app without evening opening that app folder in the first place. You can enter the large folder with a touch on the lower right corner of the folder.
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UpdatedJul 10, 2024
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Folder Widget is a simple launcher widget that allows the user to create a folder to put apps for quick launch.

Folder Widget - Large Folders Mod

Enhance Your Home Screen: Folder Widget MOD APK

Are you tired of cluttered home screens on your Android device? Do you wish to organize your apps and files in a more efficient and visually appealing way? Look no further! With the Folder Widget MOD APK, you can revolutionize your home screen experience and take control of your app organization. In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and installation process of the Folder Widget MOD APK, empowering you to create a neat and personalized home screen.

Introduction: Simplify Your Home Screen

In today’s digital age, our smartphones are filled with numerous apps and files, making it challenging to locate and access them quickly. The Folder Widget MOD APK offers a practical solution to this problem by allowing you to create customizable folders on your home screen. With a simplified and organized home screen, you can navigate through your apps and files more efficiently, saving time and reducing clutter.

What is the Folder Widget MOD APK?

The Folder Widget MOD APK is a modified version of the original Folder Widget app, offering enhanced features and functionalities. It provides an intuitive way to group and organize your apps and files into folders, giving you quick access to your desired content right from your home screen. With the modded version, you can unlock additional customization options and enjoy an ad-free experience.

Features of the Folder Widget MOD APK

Customizable Folder Designs

The Folder Widget MOD APK offers a wide range of customizable folder designs to suit your personal preferences. You can choose from various styles, layouts, and themes to create visually appealing and unique folders on your home screen.

App Grouping and Organization

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through pages of apps. With the Folder Widget MOD APK, you can group and organize your apps based on categories or themes. This allows you to locate and access specific apps more efficiently, making your user experience smoother and more streamlined.

Quick Access to Apps and Files

With the Folder Widget MOD APK, accessing your favorite apps and files is just a tap away. You can add your frequently used apps and essential files to the folder widgets on your home screen, eliminating the need to search through multiple screens or app drawers.

Stylish and Aesthetic Widgets

The modded version of Folder Widget provides stylish and aesthetic widgets that blend seamlessly with your home screen design. These widgets not only serve as shortcuts to your folders but also enhance the visual appeal of your device.

Folder Customization Options

Personalization is key when it comes to creating a unique home screen. The Folder Widget MOD APK offers extensive customization options, allowing you to change folder colors, icons, labels, and more. Tailor your folders to reflect your personal style and preferences.

No Ads and Pro Features Unlocked

The modded version ensures an ad-free experience, eliminating interruptions while using the Folder Widget. Additionally, the pro features of the original app are unlocked, granting you access to advanced functionalities without any limitations.

How to Install the Folder Widget MOD APK on Android

Installing the Folder Widget MOD APK on your Android device is a straightforward process. Please note that since this is a modified version, it is not available on official app stores. Follow these steps to install the Folder Widget MOD APK:

  1. Visit a trusted source via your device’s web browser to download the Folder Widget MOD APK file.
  2. Locate the downloaded APK file on your device and tap on it to initiate the installation process.
  3. If prompted, enable the installation from unknown sources in your device settings.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  5. Once the installation is successful, you can start customizing your home screen with the Folder Widget MOD APK.

Tips for Maximizing the Folder Widget Experience

To make the most out of the Folder Widget MOD APK, consider the following tips:

Create Folders Based on Categories

Organize your apps and files into folders based on categories or themes. This makes it easier to locate specific content and maintain a clutter-free home screen.

Utilize Different Widget Sizes

The Folder Widget MOD APK offers various widget sizes to choose from. Experiment with different sizes to find the one that fits your home screen layout and accommodates your folder needs effectively.

Personalize Folder Icons and Labels

Make your folders visually appealing by customizing the icons and labels. Use icons that represent the folder’s content and label them appropriately for easy identification.

Arrange Apps and Files Intuitively

Arrange the apps and files within each folder intuitively. Consider their frequency of use and prioritize the ones you access most frequently for quick and convenient access.

Regularly Update and Maintain Folders

Periodically review your folders and update them based on your changing app and file preferences. Remove unused apps or files and add new ones to ensure your home screen remains organized and relevant.

Experiment with Different Themes and Styles

Take advantage of the customization options available in the Folder Widget MOD APK to experiment with different themes and styles. Discover a look that suits your aesthetic preferences and enhances the overall visual appeal of your home screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the Folder Widget MOD APK safe to use?

While the Folder Widget MOD APK offers additional features, it’s important to exercise caution when downloading and installing modified versions of apps. Downloading from trusted sources can help mitigate security risks. It’s always recommended to use reliable platforms to ensure the safety of your device.

2. Can I customize the appearance of the folder widgets?

Yes, the Folder Widget MOD APK allows you to customize the appearance of the folder widgets. You can change the colors, icons, labels, and other visual aspects to match your preferences and home screen design.

3. Can I add widgets within the folder widgets?

The ability to add widgets within the folder widgets may depend on the specific features offered by the modded version. Some modified versions may support this functionality, while others may not. Check the features and documentation of the Folder Widget MOD APK to determine if this feature is available.

4. Does the modded version offer additional features compared to the original app?

Yes, the modded version of the Folder Widget offers additional features and customization options that may not be available in the original app. These features enhance the functionality and visual appeal of the folder widgets on your home screen.

5. How often are updates released for the Folder Widget MOD APK?

The frequency of updates for the Folder Widget MOD APK may vary, as it depends on the developers of the modified version. It’s recommended to stay informed about updates and ensure you have the latest version installed for optimal performance and compatibility.


With the Folder Widget MOD APK, you can transform your home screen into a well-organized and visually appealing interface. Take advantage of its features, such as customizable folder designs, app grouping, and quick access to apps and files. With the ability to personalize your folders and enjoy an ad-free experience, the Folder Widget MOD APK offers a superior home screen customization experience. Get started today and simplify your digital life with the Folder Widget MOD APK!

What's new

⭐ Theme icon option & support Honor phone
⭐ Set picture as folder background
⭐ Copy style from already exists widgets & export widgets
⭐ Option of dark background color
⭐ Scrollable inside folder
⭐ Add custom folder grid size and show icon name
⭐ Support app shortcuts & web page shortcuts
⭐ Popup widget in folder & edit icon individual
⭐ System settings shorcuts to folder widget
⭐ Notification dot number type support
⭐ Add option enable double click to open settings
⭐ Auto-dark folder background



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