Gladiator Heroes Clash Kingdom MOD APK (One Hit, God Mode)

Gladiator Heroes Mod APK simulates the wars and events that take place when the player becomes the greatest Lannister of the Roman Empire. You will be eligible to lead your army in upcoming battles.
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DeveloperViva Games Studios
Released onMay 2, 2017
UpdatedMay 22, 2024
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Mod Info

  • 1 HIT

Need Root

NOTE: First install the game from google play then install over the app the modded apk. Use the bypass apk if you cant enter the game after you exit the modded apk. repeat the procedure until it enter again. This is for root only since install over original app is required. God mode also sometimes not working for some enemy.


Gladiator Heroes Mod APK simulates the wars and events that take place when the player becomes the greatest Lannister of the Roman Empire. You will be eligible to lead your army in upcoming battles.

Gladiator Heroes MOD APK

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms requires players to prove their combat prowess in events and find suitable heirs. In addition to power requirements, we are also creating a more exciting world in which kingdoms are formed. A remote piece of land is reclaimed and used to build the Imperial Tower. All collected resources support the weapon upgrade process. Event welcome spins are valid every day.

Start expanding your kingdom

To achieve the goal of becoming the greatest Lannister of the Roman Empire, players must satisfy the Kingdom Gladiator Heroes’ desire for a greater kingdom. Not just geographically, this game also requires the necessary skills to maintain your territory. Towers can bring you a certain amount of coins each day, covering usage costs for purchasing new designs, unlocking buildings, and qualifying adjacent land.

Become the most powerful empire

The journey of training to become stronger will bring you many wonderful experiences. From a small kingdom on the outskirts, players can transform it into the most powerful empire. If you have enough coins to pay for the shop, the land will be expanded. The system informs the player of buildings that need to be collected so that the player can continue with the task. Orders requested by traders help you earn extra income. However, civilization is threatened unless an army is quickly formed to defend it. We understand that and are ready to offer the perfect strategy.

Improve your warrior’s combat skills

Each player has a roster of Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms warriors. Align your inner energy source and skills for the best results. Combat takes place in real time, and players have the right to select and change warriors participating in the battle. The system randomly sorts the opponents. Each fighting game has a limited number of fighters, and some rules about the game are revealed before the start.

Mark’s participation in the event

To keep the story of your journey to becoming the best Lannista of the Roman Empire interesting, the game added and modified new events. Each warrior you own will appear in the battle against an opponent, and the player must control them to make them move as they please and climb the rankings. Besides developing better matches, events are also focused on your rewards. Lucky Spins or opening Treasure Chests can only appear once per day and will give you bigger rewards than expected.

Improve your weapons and wielding skills

Differences in skills, levels, and weapons make Kingdoms’ gladiator hero battles more complex. Upgraded daily, the sword has an exceptional level of damage and will be equipped on your character in the next game. Players should update regularly for the best results. The giant warriors that appear in the last few minutes can be quickly defeated if you have the safest preparations.

Complete missions to restore your empire

Gladiator Heroes of Kingdoms simulates life in ancient Rome. It’s the story of the struggle and the building of an outstanding member of the mightiest imperial warrior squad. Everything is controlled and decided by you. A country used to expand its territory will have to pay a lot of coins to acquire it. The resources players receive during duels help improve the power of their weapons.


  • From the story of the resurrected Roman world, the system forms a series of successive challenges for you.
  • Each battle takes place under your command and control, and the powerful warriors used are interchangeable and selectable.
  • Players perform weapon upgrades to own a collection of weapons with serious damage and beautiful graphics.
  • You will do the process of building empires and restoring abandoned lands throughout the battle journey.
  • Improve your abilities and own more assets with event incentives, lucky spins, or match rewards.



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