Granny 3 MOD APK (Dumb Bot/Menu)

If you like scary games and want to see how scary it is, you can download Granny 3 on your phone and give it a try. This is the scariest game ever with unexpected situations.
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Released onJun 3, 2021
UpdatedFeb 26, 2024
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Mod Info

Dumb Bot (Enemies don’t attack you)


If you like scary games and want to see how scary it is, you can download Granny 3 on your phone and give it a try. This is the scariest game ever with unexpected situations. A group of scary creatures will live in a run-down house, and you will act as the person trapped in that house. You have to find a way to get out of the house without the old lady seeing you and leave before the fifth day is over. This game will bring you on scary adventures and let you discover things in a spooky haunted house.

granny 3 2

New things added to the game.

The game maker lets you decide if you want to play with Slendrina to make the game more fun and help you get out of the house. Also, some parts of Granny 3 have been updated to keep players entertained. Some small problems in the game have been fixed so players can have a better time playing.

A cool story

Granny 3 happens in a big, dark castle with lots of old, broken things. The game begins when you sneak into a house, and then an old man comes up behind you and makes you pass out. When you open your eyes, you are stuck in a room that is very dark. You need to leave this room and find a way to get out of this scary castle before something bad happens. When you see a screwdriver, use it to open the door and find a safe way to get out. After getting out of the room, you need to finish the other tasks the game tells you to do, following their instructions, and do it fast. Be quiet around the old grandparents and find a way out in 5 days using objects on each floor to help you.

Basic game controls

The game is very realistic, and you can use real-life tricks easily in Granny 3. Grandma is a very caring person and can hear even the smallest sounds you make in the game. So, if you drop something or make a noise on the scaffolding, she will come right away. To make sure she doesn’t see you, hide under the bed or in the closet. Wait for her to leave, then keep going to get away. If you are put in a jail or caught by Mrs. (last name) Grandma, it will be harder for you to escape because the guards at your house will be more alert after you got away.

Simple System to Control the Game and Stay Safe.

Controlling the game is easy with the touch screen. You can move the character using the keys at the bottom left of the screen and use other options on the right side. This special control system will let you control things in a flexible way. Like I said, the old lady in Granny 3 can hear really well and she can heal herself, so you can’t defeat her. Even if she gets hurt really bad, she can still feel better in just a few seconds. Additionally, Slendrina, who is Granny’s granddaughter, is a little girl who shows up with teddy bears and makes it harder for you to escape. If you touch her teddy bear, she will look at you with anger and scary eyes that can harm you and others. So, if you see Slendrina, run away fast. Grandpa is also very strong like Grandma, and he can recover quickly too. But he can’t hear as well as she can. But you should be careful with his guns because he likes to shoot at everything that moves in the castle.

Cool pictures and sounds

Even though the game has changed a lot, the graphics still make players really into it. The house has a plain background and everything inside is dark and scary. The pictures in the game make it more interesting and help the story grow. Also, the sound in the game is soft and has quiet piano notes that make players feel scared and anxious when they hear it. This spooky sound might scare some people, so if you get easily frightened, you should avoid playing this game. But if you like horror games, you’ll find it really cool.

What's new

* Added Nightmare mode
* Fixed some bugs


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